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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 12 Oct, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 13, 2015

“Bundle all your problems and just keep it away. With the faith that it will all be taken care of. See what is it that you want, you should focus on that rather than the problems.. With this conviction, move on. Only then we give a chance for miracles to happen.. Not like finding your own solutions or asking for solutions, just relax.”

‪#‎SriSri‬ then lead the thousands present, through a beautiful meditation using the technique of ‘Dharana, Dhyan, Samadhi’

“Our brain is active only in the frontal lobe. If we take our attention to the other sides then there is coherence, brainwaves all over the brain, the activity is equally distributed. When there is harmony among all the aspects of the brain, meditation is deep, and vice versa. When meditation is deep then there is perfect coherence in all the aspects of the brain… it may cause a little bit of heaviness or pain to begin with, then it is ok. If it happens, then it means you have not been using that area properly. Don’t try too hard to do it… Dharanas are done without effort. This is called Dharana, Dhyan, Samadhi. To go into Samadhi, dharana is important. Dharana is “desh bandhya chittasya dharana”, fixing the chitta, consciousness, at a particular location. Usually our chitta is in the front when we are awake and when we are asleep it is fixed in the back. When we consciously fix it somewhere here, sometimes there, then the consciousness becomes freer and then it is able to experience its vastness. So you don’t need big effort to see my eyes are here. Just taking your attention, it happens automatically.. In any meditation, you don’t have to put effort in that. You simply have to listen and let go.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 11 Oct, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 12, 2015

The day before Navaratri begins, that day is dedicated to ancestors. Acutally these fifteen days, from last full moon to this new moon are the fifteen days dedicated to ancestors, people who have gone across, left this planet. SO these fifteen days we have specially marked in remembrance of those who have gone. And if one cannot do any of these fifteen days, they definitely remember them tomorrow, the Samavasya day. Remember them, show them our gratitude. Young, old, whoever has gone, we give them our wishes so that they can move further in their journey in the other dimension and ask them to give blessing to us here. Usually what they do, the son or the daughter, the family, relatives, they take few sesame seeds with that they pour some water, remembering their name, saying three times – “Be content, be content, be content. If you have any desires in your consciousness, drop them, they are like sesame seeds. We will take care of these things, you move one.” This is what is the message to the people who move on to the other side, if they are still stick with some desires.. And you meditate. Tomorrow your meditation is dedicated to your ancestors.. And we do festivities, festival actually begins tomorrow. Remembering the ancestors, the festivities begin. Then you have good food and everything. Food is important! Even those who fast during Navaratri, should not fast tomorrow. Fasting is not necessary. If your body is used to it or you have been doing it for a long time, you can do it, but you can take some water. Don’t fast without water, don’t fast without anything. At least have some fruits or something. “

Ques: Why is the form of Goddess Kali so frightening? Why do we pray to something that evokes fear in you?
‪#‎SriSri‬: If you can look at anything which looks so extreme, with love then your fear vanishes. There is a lot of symbolism in Kali’s depiction. The cut hands on Her symbolizes going beyond karma, the biting tongue depicts silence and the decapitated head that she carries symbolizes going beyond thoughts and emotions.

Ques: Why do we do upavas(fast)?
#SriSri: Upavas means sitting close to the Guru, the Divine. And what is required when you sit there? Your mind should stay there. If you have a stomach full of food you will only feel sleepy when you sit there. Your hunger gets satiated with knowledge. When you are content, you don’t feel hunger. Upavas does not mean not eating food. It means being in knowledge. Your fasting to please God is foolishness. In all religions there is the belief of fasting to please Gods. But one advantage of being without food is that you get rid of toxins in the body.

Ques: Is it possible for a simple person to walk on the spiritual path?
#SriSri: Absolutely possible, this is path for simple people. It is in fact difficult for special people!

Ques: Why do people with high knowledge keep long hair and beard?
#SriSri: It s just a uniform that’s all! Either you take everything off or you keep everything.

Ques: What is the purpose of my life?
#SriSri: That’s good to keep wondering about it. But I would like you to make a list of what is not the purpose of life. It is not just living like a robot, eating, sleeping, watching television. This is not the purpose of life.

“How many of you are coming for the first time? Make those who are coming here for the first time, comfortable. And those who are coming here for the first time, feel comfortable. You are not a guest here. This is your home, you have come back home.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 6 Oct, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 7, 2015

Ques: How do we coordinate the senses of action and cognition?
‪#‎SriSri‬: It is already there. Why do you have to make the coordination? It is there spontaneously.

Ques: Was it ok for Vibhishan(Ravana’s brother) to join Rama?
#SriSri: Whether it was right or not, it happened, the story is over. Now leave that and worry about yourself! How long will you keep dragging the things that have happened, whether it was right or not. There are so many types of Ramayana. Sri Lanka has their own version of Ramayana according to which Ravana was the hero and whatever Rama did was wrong. He attacked Lanka and Ravana was such a good man. These are perspectives. You don’t get into this right and that is wrong. You first look at yourself. How long will you be lost in stories! Stories are there to learn something in life. Learn that and move on in life. Life itself is there to teach you. If you open your eyes, your behavior itself teaches you. You keep getting bothered by meaningless things and from your face it seems like you are carrying a mountain! Everybody is going to die and you will be fed till the day that you die. Now that you are on the path, all your needs will be fulfilled. Has anybody felt any lack here? God is giving you everything in abundance. And look around you, everybody is getting and you will also get. Just don’t be lazy and just keep lying around. Laziness is the biggest enemy of a person, there’s no bigger enemy. Just don’t be lazy. And don’t indulge in ambitions. If there is no ambition, no laziness, life is simple. And there is so much knowledge. There is a whole treasure of knowledge here. How long will you keep thinking and talking about business and your work. Sitting in satsang and thinking and talking about business, then your mind gets lost even more. You keep doing what you are doing but when you are sitting for satsang, close your eyes and become one with the song or sing with the bhajan. If you are not able tot meditate, there are thoughts going in the mind, start clapping and start singing. Don’t worry about whether you are in tune or not. Nobody cares, this is not a concert or a program! Out of tune also works here. In satsang it is ok to sing out of tune. Not for the lead singers, but for those who follow. The chorus will work whichever way it is, but just sing. Just close your eyes and sing, then you become empty.

Ques: Hanuman is called the remover of all troubles but his followers are all celibates. Is it necessary to be a celibate to be a devotee of Hanuman?
#SriSri: No, many married people go to the temples. If with inspiration from Hanuman people move ahead is brahmacharya(celibate life), it is good. To unite Rama and Sita, Hanuman is needed. Be an ideal husband and be an ideal sevak like Hanuman.

Ques: Does bhakti have categories?

#SriSri: In your love are there not different flavours? Do you love your parents the same you love your wife or husband? And do you love your spouse the same way you love your children? Why do you ask such questions? Just wake up and see your life! Do you love your neighbours? Suppose you have a dog at home, so you love the dog or not? If you don’t have love, why will you keep it? And the way you love your dog, will you love your children the same way? The way you love your children, do you love your grandparents the same way? You take your children on your lap and pull their cheeks. If you pull your grandparents cheeks what will they say! They’ll say that my grandchildren have lost it. And the way you show your devotion to your grandparents, you bow down to them and if you start doing that to your children, they’ll think something is wrong with their parents. It is so clear. And yes, don’t love your neighbours the way you love your spouse! You will have to run from home and they will also not let you in. You will be on the streets. Then you will have to go to Hanuman to take care of your troubles! First you invite trouble, then you go to the remover of troubles. Love has caused so much trouble. All distortions that happen in life are because of love. Love for money makes you constantly look at your wallet, how much you can get from others. If you go to a spiritual, pilgrimage places, there are many thieves there. Because devotees devotees look at God and the thieves look at their pockets and steal cellphones and purses. Every time, in big satsangs, I have to tell them to be careful every time. People are so lost in the satsang, they are not aware about their phone their money or their purse. And then at that time very easily the thief can finish the work. They pick things up and they create such a situation, they’ll say ‘Guruji, Guruji!”, they’ll run forward or backward or create some commotion. They work in a team, these people, they have a big bang and they are very coordinated. First the devotees weep for God, after the theft they weep for their phone, and then they say “I came to meet you, God, whether I get my wish or not, I have lost my phone!”. Earlier they used to steal your footwear, now they steal your cellphones. The temples earlier used to have footwear store now that the thieves have upgraded themselves, they don’t think of anything less than cellphones. This is the situation. We have to bring awareness towards this. That’s why I say, why do focus on small things. There is such a big treasure of knowledge which you can steal. If you can loot this, then go ahead and loot it. The ancient sages have said that knowledge is such a big wealth, go ahead and rob however much you can. People get into these small things. If you have too much love in money that’s called greed. Too much love for someone, that is called attachement. If you have too much love for body parts, it is called lust, if you have too much love towards your seat, position, that is called ego. All these different distortions, love, anger, attachment, if you see the basis there is some attachment at the base. So love is the mother of all distortions. Does that mean that we run away from love? No. Everybody wants to know how do we find such happiness where there is no pain. How do we find such love where there are no distortions in it. This is the desire in life. How do we get it? Through knowledge and meditation. Without knowledge and meditation, love gets transformed into distortions. If there is knowledge and meditation then love gets transformed into devotion, it remains pure and it gets transformed into bliss, joy. It is because of disinterest that distortions come in life. Everybody desires a life full of juice and life. Everything here is nectar, juice.

Ques: When do we need to make an effort and when do we become effortless?
#SriSri: After you make the effort, become effortless. You can only hold on, if you let go of something first. So make the effort and then you let go. Like if you have to catch the train, until you catch the train, make the effort. Once you sit in the train, you don’t have to carry your suitcase on the head. You can put it down and relax. In the compartment if you run up and down, the train will not reach faster. After you get on the train, you relax. Once you are on the plane, you relax. Your running up and down will not make it reach faster. That’s why they say, people who begin on the path of yoga, their effort is needed. Those who become established in yoga, they must relax. Yoga Teacher’s Training Program is going on, I am addressing them. In yoga when you stretch, you stretch as much as you can till you start feeling a little pain. Once that happens, you start relaxing. Like when you are trying to touch your toes while bending down. By all means make the effort to do as much as you can and a half an inch more than that. Then it starts paining, then experiencing that pain, with love, start relaxing. When you start relaxing, then you find yourself in the infinite, you become one with the infinite. This starts coming into your experience. After making the effort, then you become effortless. First effort and then relax. This is what Maharishi Patanjali says in the Yogasutras, how do you perform the asanas – make the effort and then relax. He doesn’t say relax from then beginning, then you remain loose. No, make the effort and then relax.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 5 Oct, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 6, 2015

Ques: It is said that there are three steps of learning – Shravan, Manan and Nididhyasan. What is Nididhyasan?
‪#‎SriSri‬: Nididhyasan means making it as your own wealth, making it as part of you, having expertise in that.

Ques: How to rekindle the sense of wonder?
#SriSri: Just be in the moment, feel fresh and alive! See the entire past as a dream and doubt the present as to whether this could be a dream, then you are already in wonderment.

Ques: Please speak about the connection of food to the mind.
#SriSri: There is a saying in Hindi, ‘jaisa anna, waisa mann’. What you put in your tummy, that’s how your mind works. This is an ancient saying. It’s almost in every culture. If someone behaves strangely, they ask ‘Hey, what have you eaten today?’

Ques: What is the meaning of ‘dirgha kala’ in the shloka “saou dīrgha-kāla-nairantarya-satkārāsevito dṛḍha-bhῡmiḥ”
#SriSri: ‘Dirgh kala’ means don’t hurry. The moment you say that you are going to do this for a long time, already your anxiousness to finish it and get the result of it is gone. “satkārāsevito” means doing it with respect, honour. Not just doing it for the sake of doing it. You know, people do things, wailing and wailing. That is not ‘satkārāsevito’, it means doing it with honour, with respect, with dignity. ‘dṛḍha-bhῡmiḥ” means, it becomes stronger. So you have to keep doing, till you feel there is no need to do it anymore.

Ques: Please speak about the connection between sexuality and spirituality.
#SriSri: Sex is the origin from which everything is born. In this culture, in the orient, it is honoured as Divine. And from sex move upwards towards emotions. So it is the second chakra, which is of sex. Then the third chakra, then the fourth and the fifth. So you move higher up. So it’s just part of the process, that’s all. One is a basic instinct, another is an acquired ability. So spirituality does not disown anything or disassociate itself with anything. Spirituality encompasses all aspects of life. In fact, spirituality uplifts one from sex to higher consciousness. Sex is getting interested in some part of the body and having stimulation. And the goal of sex is to find joy, not sex itself. The goal of sex is to be in the moment and forget about everything and find joy. And spirituality provides the joy which is not through an act, but beyond the senses. In Gita it is there, there is a saying “Buddhigrahyam Matindriyam
“ The joy that the intellect can capture and inside you can feel it, but beyond the senses, that is the bliss of the Self. “Buddhigrahyam” is that which can be grasped by the intellect, the Self, “atindriyam” is that which is beyond the senses. For example, after a long you meet someone or you see someone very dear to you, as soon as you see them, something happens inside. Or you even think about them, something happens inside. You feel a deep sense of love, even just a thought kindles the love inside of you. And it is not associated with touch, smell or grabbing or any of the physical attributes to it. Your sense are not involved in it. Just a thought, a feeling rekindles something very deep inside you and you feel very happy and joyful. And that joy, no other thing can give, no sensory pleasures can give. That is what is higher happiness. They say the joy that you get in sex, if it one unit, Samadhi or meditation is one thousand times more than that.

Ques: Is it possible to cure diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, without any medicine?
#SriSri: Yes! So many people here have become healthy without taking those medicines. People who have been taking tons of medicines, they start doing yoga and pranayama, meditation, blood pressure, diabetes, all these things become normal. So you need to start doing it. Talk to our doctor, talk to our hospital, our yoga department, they will guide you.

Ques: In the society, the press blames the politicians, the politicians blame the bureaucrats, the bureaucrats blame the system and the system blames the people. Where does the buck stop?
#SriSri: This what others do. The buck stops with you. What do you want to do? Can you create awareness in people about it? Can you do something about it? This is what you need to think. No point in discussing what others are doing. Let them do what they want to do, it’s their nature. But what is it that you would like to do. That’s what you need to think.

Ques: How can stop the heart from wanting something that it cannot have?
#SriSri: You have said you cannot have it. Somewhere you need to drop it, otherwise you cannot have it. When you have a goal in life to achieve, when you are here to contribute something positive in the world, then you will not be bogged by your needs and your cravings. Sometimes, you know, your cravings are silly and stupid and it’s not going to help you, still you crave because you have a lot of free time. And when you don’t have a goal to achieve, you have nothing to do. That’s when this issues arise. Now I will give you a goal. We have World Culture Festival coming up. Millions of people are going to come from all over the world. You better get active for it!

Ques: Can we measure life force of a living being?
#SriSri: Yes and no. Yes you can measure, and no you cannot. That is why it is called ‘anirvachaniya’ (that which cannot be spoken about), ‘maya’ (an illusion). The being is maya, that is why you can measure it and when the being becomes part of Brahm (Supreme consciousness), then you cannot measure it. Whatever the ego associates itself with, it becomes that. If it associates itself with inertia it takes those attrbutes and if it associates itself with Brahm then ‘aham brahmasmi’ (I am Brahma).

Ques: The Indian justice system takes very long to give justice. Please do something.
#SriSri: If you are working in that field, then you can definitely do something about it.

Ques: What is the difference between a student, a disciple and a devotee?
#SriSri: These are three different levels, primary, higher secondary and college. A student only wants to take some knowledge and leave. A disciple goes one step further and forms a relationship, he is connected with the heart and mind. And a devotee, well he controls God himself, he makes God is servant! If one is a master he is a devotee, if he wants to do seva, he is a disciple and if he wants to simply takes something and go then he is a student.

Ques: What is the causal body, how is it responsible for liberation?
#SriSri: Liberation is caused by the subtle body, the causal body is just there. You first worry about the gross body and subtle body, let the causal body be for now!

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 4 Oct, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 5, 2015

Ques: Can we change prarabdha karma?
‪#‎SriSri‬: Some things in life we can change, some we can’t. But we can pray for things we can’t change, then grace flows and what is not possible also becomes possible.

Ques: What is the significance of the three threads in the Upanayanam ceremony?
#SriSri: It represents the three debts that we have. The debt we have to our parents, the debt that we have to our Guru and the debt that we have to society. When we take Sanyasa, then we are not tied anymore to all three debts. So wear the threads to remind us for our three debts.

Ques: How do we get rid of bad habits?
#SriSri: There are three ways, love, fear and greed. If love someone dearly, tell them that you will not do anything bad or through fear or if someone tells you that you will get a lot of money

Ques: Why do we pray to Vishnu and Shiva but not to Brahma?
#SriSri: Brahma’s job was to create and it is now over while Shiva and Vishnu’s job still remains! No, I am just joking. Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, they are all one. There is no difference between ‘Hari’ (Vishnu) and ‘Hara’ (Shiva). There is a temple just before Davangere, where there is an idol which is half Shiva and half Vishnu. Why? Because there used to be many disputes as to whether Shiva is greater or Vishnu, so they put them both together.. Those who think that ‘Hari’ and ‘Hara’ are different, are ignorant… All three are the same.. It’s like when you drive, you become a driver and when you cook food, you become a cook, whatever role you play, you become that in your life. It is said in Vaikunth everyone is Vishnu, right from the guard at the gate to the King everyone takes the form of Vishnu. In Shiva Purana it is said, in Kailash, wherever you look you will see Shiva. This means that God is only One, He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Kailash and Vaikuntha is not different, they are the same. In all of Vishnu’s avatars, Shiva is has been worshipped.. Lord Krishna asks Arjuna to pray to Shiva before the war and in the Gita He says, ‘I am Shankar in Rudra’, so ‘I am Shiva’ is something that Lord Krishna has said Himself. Shiva was the one gave the Sudarshan Chakra to Vishnu, that is what the legend says… and in another Purana, Shiva worships Vishnu. So there is no point in getting into a debate as to who is greater. In my childhood days, there was a lot of tension between the devotees of Shiva and Vishnu. Of course it is not the case now. There is a village in Gujarat where nobody would take the name of Shiva. All these are signs of ignorance.

Ques: What do we do when we are hurting?
#SriSri: Know that you are not alone, someone is with you. Problems come and they go.

Ques: While meditating I see a pink light in the middle of my eyebrows. Does it mean anything?
#SriSri: In meditation you can have many experiences. Sometimes you smell a fragrance, sense a warm touch, any of the five senses can get activated, that is ok. Don’t need to pay too much attention to it. Any experience we take it as they come and move on.

Ques: Is marriage important? Is it better to be single or married?
#SriSri: Every Sunday satsang I get this question! I think it is important for you because you are asking for it. If it was not important you would not have even asked this question. Somewhere you feel it is important and somewhere you feel a little scared as well. These days you don’t know what happens, how long a marriage lasts. So if it is important for you just go ahead. We have a matrimony service here and we have marriage bureau where we provide all the services, everything is available here. If something gets fixed with the marriage bureau all arrangements are ready anytime! And we also have an Astrology service to fix the date!

Ques: In adverse circumstances, our faith gets shaken. Why do we get scared?
#SriSri: You are feeling scared. You don’t have to focus on why you are getting scared. Focus on the sensations, then the emotion will transform. And love, fear and hatred are different emotions of the same consciousness, same energy. Time and place also has an effect on our emotions. Sometimes we feel scared because of the time and sometimes because of the place. Our body has so many naadis (energy channels) and when naadis open then different emotions come up. Through knowledge and meditation we can take care of it. Of course it is difficult at that time when we go through those emotions. At that time mantras help, ‘Om Namah Shivayah’, ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’. Mantras help to transcend the mind. That is why they are called mantras.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 3 Oct, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 4, 2015

Like Agni (fire) is not just outside, it is inside of you, Soma is also inside. In a vaidic shloka they say Agnishtomi, meaning, we have fire within us as well as Somaras which brings us coolness. If our feet are warm, stomach is soft and head is cool, then a person is healthy. If your stomach is hard then something is wrong, feet is cold then there is something wrong and if your head is hot then definitely everything is wrong! So sign of good health is being cool headed, having warm feet and soft belly. Now scientists are saying so many different kinds of hormones are getting produced in the body like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin endorphins. All this comes under endorphins.. these are the chemicals that our brain produces. And all of them put together, perhaps this is what they call Somaras. They say from the center of the head, the liquid gets generated and that flows through the whole body and that takes you to bliss. It makes you happy. That is why Rig Veda, thousands of years ago, spoke about the Soma mandala, the ninth mandala, is called Somamandala. “Swadishtaya Madishtaya” it’s very tasty, something that brings happiness, that lovely feeling inside. And purifying, that Soma is like a flow. When water falls from a waterfall, that is called ‘dhara’, pouring down, for the sake our mind.

Ques: How to perceive the world from upasana or gnana drishti?
‪#‎SriSri‬: Both, Upasana means sitting close by. When you sit close by, will you not get the Gnana, will you not get the knowledge? Both are necessary. Upasana, is connecting with your heart, gnana is connecting with your intellect, your mind. Both are essential. When you like something, you know about it and when you know about it really, to know is to like it.

Ques: In the context of time and space, is time also maya or real?
#SriSri: I leave that question to you. You sit and wonder, what is real and what is unreal. My giving an answer for this question is not going to help you. This question has arisen from your intellect, and this is an exercise for your intellect. So sit and contemplate on it, think about it. Take your own time, don’t be in a hurry, one, two, three years. Then you will get it. First of all, if you are really anxious to know the answer, the answer will come. Or if you are not so keen about it, the question will fall off.

Ques: Nowadays social media is becoming a new battlefield to vent out communal rage, to polarize people, indulging in very upleasant behavior. What can we do?
#SriSri: Social media should not be blamed for it. This only shows how the mentality of people. It shows the education system needs a revamping. It shows that some set of etiquettes, decency, social behavior must be taught from the every beginning. And our entertainment media is also equally responsible for this sort of aggressive, bad behaviour. This sort of reform should come from every side. From education, from entertainment, from religious and spiritual anchor and social atmosphere needs to be created, to handle these sort of things.

Ques: I am not able to choose between two offers. Should I go with money or join a start up?
#SriSri; If some company is playing more, go ahead. One thing is there, ‘Choice is yours, blessing is mine. And if you find that it is not good and you find something else there then go there! But one thing, do some good work in society. Profession is something, that is there. But one thing, do some good work for society. There is a lot of good work to be done in seva.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 2 Oct, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 3, 2015

Ques: What is the Turiya state and how can we experience it?
‪#‎SriSri‬: That which takes place in meditation, that which is not dreaming, nor sleeping nor awake, that is the Turiya, the fourth state. It is what you experience once you lie down after Sudarshan Kriya, when you are not awake and not asleep.

Ques: How is a person’s fortune determined? Can it be determined by those close to him?
#SriSri: When we get more than the effort that we put in, that is called good fortune. If you put in a lot of effort with no result that is called bad fortune. Just think over this. And if you really look at it, then whatever you have received has always been more than your effort. How did you get it? That is what grace is?

Ques: Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan says that Viashnavajan are those who understand other’s pain. Is that true?
#SriSri: What is man’s nature? Taking other’s pain as their own, else they are not human. Even animals do that. If the head of the house falls ill, the dog in the house feels sad, they stop eating. So this is human nature, it is present in some quantity in everyone. If you go beyond that then there is no other and no pain, that is the state of a Siddha. You don’t feel like anyone is apart from you and you don’t feel pain either. Then your mind is established in advaita (non-duality). That person does not see value in sympathy and compassion. This is a little higher knowledge, if you don’t understand it, leave it. Don’t come up with twenty questions on it! You only feel compassion towards others, do you feel compassion towards your own self? If you hurt your hand, do you feel compassion or sympathy towards your hand? No, it is hurt, it is hurt. The word compassion implies the presence of another. Where another ends that’s where compassion also ends. When you feel ‘par’(another) then you feel compassion, and when you feel ‘para’ (no other) then there is no compassion.

Ques: If actions don’t leave impressions, then will karma also not form?
#SriSri: Yes, if there a no impressions formed then you act without getting attached. In the Gita, Lord Krishna says, ‘All my senses are working in their place, I have nothing to do with them’. If you act with this feeling then you attain Yoga Siddhi (perfection in Yoga). You become a witness, like the sky. You become detached from the feelings of hunger, pain etc. You become a spectator to all of that. Witness consciousness. If you see carefully in everyone’s life, somewhere you must have experienced this. You are doing something, but are not affected by it. It did not touch you. Sometimes it happens that an event takes place where others are feeling sad but you do not feel the same way. How many have experienced this? (Many raise their hands). You don’t get happy or sad. You get fully involved in something but you feel that you have nothing to do with it.

Ques: Tulsidas has said that Sita is the Maya between Rama and Laxaman. Is he right?
#SriSri: You ask Tulsidas! I don’t subscribe to all his views.. Don’t make me everyone’s lawyer. If you like what he says, take it, if not say whatever you want to about him. I am not going to be a lawyer to anyone.

Ques: My family behave badly with me and then say sorry but I am unable to forgive them. What do I do?
#SriSri: Well, who is at a loss? You, both? Don’t expect enlightened behavior from anybody. Our biggest problem is, we expect everyone to behave ideally, in an enlightened fashion, be upright all the time. My dear, this world has many imprefections and people have many imperfections. Suppose someone doesn’t forgive you after you say sorry. You were going and you banged against somebody and then you say sorry but they won’t forgive you. What will happen to you? Would you like it? Haven’t you done any mistake? You have done mistakes. If someone holds it against you for your life, how would you feel? You will not like it. So why do you do the same thing? Let go. If anyone does something wrong, anyway they will have to suffer for it, they will have to pay for it. Someone makes some abusive remarks, they are going to have to face the music. Now if you don’t forgive and you hold on to it in your head, how much time and energy you are wasting! Your life goes waste. So forgiveness is not for other’s sake, to save your own mind you need to forgive. If you don’t forgive and hold on to a grudge, what will they lose, they will move on with their lives. They have their agenda, their own plans. But you think about them and do all this trip in your own mind.

Ques: What is the actual meaning of Shiva?
#SriSri: Actual meaning of Shiva is that which is so benevolent, so beautiful, that which is indescribable. That is Shiva.

Ques: How to attain perfection in action?
#SriSri: That is very easy. Just as your mother at home, how she attained so much perfection, making such good food. You can’t find any fault in it like, there is less salt or sugar, can you. By going on cooking, they attained perfection. Ask our drivers here, how they drive! Haven’t they achieved perfection in action while driving through traffic? You might feel afraid driving in a hilly terrain but ask the drivers there, they drive so fast, you will have your heart in your hand!
In Himachal, in the such narrow roads they drive in full speed. They maneuver old buses with such ease that even the best of drivers will feel shame. And there are no accidents that occur, they drive so well. Isn’t that perfection in driving? In the same way you see musicians, they play without even looking at their instruments. That is perfection.

Ques: I realize now that only the present exists. Where do the past and future exist then?
#SriSri: In the present moment! The future exists as a plan, the past exists as a memory. Everything exists only in the present moment.

Ques: I have difficulties getting out of my comfort zone. I feel like I am failing and I am not good.
#SriSri: See every time you succumb to some temptations which you didn’t want to then you will feel like that. You will feel the pinch. You know because these temptations only promise happiness, they don’t deliver. So every time you succumb to temptation, it is better to not justify it. You will feel that there is a pinch and that pinch will take you out of those temptations.

Ques: There are a lot of youngsters in Art of Living but many are not registered on AOL Matrimony! How to find a suitable partner?
#SriSri: Well, if you are interested in somebody and they are not registered in AOL Matrimony, you can go and tell them, ‘you better register!’ Or you can tell them, ‘Either we go through matrimony or we can directly go to the registrars. The Registrar office is not too far away! And go to VDS office, they will make all the arrangements if both of you agree.

Ques: You talk about a One World Family, there are so many cultures and practices, do you feel humanity can become a One World Family?
#SriSri: One World Family does not mean uniformity. One World Family does intend to create the same thing everywhere. One World family means honoring the diversity and enjoying diversity, appreciating diversity.

Ques: How to cultivate dispassion?
#SriSri: With maturity it comes. And when you see the futility of all other things that are around, dispassion comes to you naturally. In life, three things are important: Passion, Dispassion & Compassion, all three. This is one stage, when you are beginning, you need to have passion, and when you are progressing you should have dispassion and in between you must have some compassion too, till you get into ‘advait-siddhi’ (the oneness) then all passion, dispassion, compassion everything appears to be useless. That is another state and without achieving that state if you simply say ‘I am in bliss’ that’s not being truthful, that’s not correct. So these steps are needed. These are like the portico of a house, unless you reach the portico you cannot go inside the house. And if people say ‘I don’t want to go into portico but I want to go inside the house then that is not possible.

Ques: I wish to move on from my past but others’ life is entangled with mine & my actions could influence their life. How can I get completion without affecting others’ life?
#SriSri: Listen, this is a very indirect question. You are asking an indirect question and wanting a direct answer from me. And whatever answer I give, you will mold it to suit to your convenience. I am not going to be a pawn for this game. Non-specific question for a specific reason is not going to work.

Ques: I have read in Gita that apart from work for the purpose of ‘Yagna’ all others cause bondage. So which is this work which does not lead to bondage?
#SriSri: All those work which are for ‘Yagna’ means those actions which help others, which you do without any selfishness, that is ‘Yagna’.

Ques: Someone says you manage from the heart, either you manage from heart or manage from mind. There is always a conflict between both, how one can overcome this?
#SriSri: Now first of all take out this ‘always’, and heart & mind do conflict. Mind always wants something new, new technology, new things. Heart always long for old, heart takes pride in ancient things, you always take pride ‘he is my old friend’, isn’t it? But you don’t take pride in ‘this is old pair of slippers’! You don’t say this is my very old shirt from 35 years old, no. This is very new cloth, this is very new thing, right? So that is mind. But you can’t say ‘Oh, this is my fresh friend just I met him five minutes ago.’ You take pride in new friends? No. Your pride is in old friends & latest technology. Correct. So heart yearns for old and mind goes for new! Life is a combination of both, sometimes this, sometimes that. When you do business, do it with your head, whoever it is. And when you want to do service, when you want to live your life, with your heart you do it.

Ques: How does one overcome to see the bottomline and the human aspect in his life while managing the business?
#SriSri: Well, this is an old question, right? You want an old answer or a new answer? Suppose you are running a company and you have to lay-off people and you don’t want to do it because what will those people do? So how much you can do, see, it depends on how much you can stretch. If you can stretch and make more productivity out of it, do it. Otherwise if you say ‘No I cannot fire anybody because my company is going down’ then you will lose everybody! At least if you fire ten people you can take care of another thirty people, you can build your business. But if you say ‘No, I don’t want to fire even those ten people’, you have forty people and your company makes loss and loss and loss and in one year it will go bankrupt. Then what will happen? You have lost everything. So, you have to have that middle path. ‘Not to do business without any human touch’ that’s also no good. And ‘not getting in too much compassion mode that business starts sinking’ that’s also no good. Balance, balance, balance.

Ques: Because I want a perfect decision, calculative decision, I have a feeling that I am losing my intuition. How do I identify?
#SriSri: Come on don’t think too much. Just move on.

Ques: Nowadays there is trend in society that people are paid and invited for speaking in a public functions like birth-anniversary function. These speakers highlights the work of that person in positive light only. For example, today is Gandhi Jayanti, so if someone is paid and called to speak on Gandhi Jayanti, then he will speak that everything he did was good. So such people who work in society by taking money create confusion in mind whether what Nathuram Godse did was right or wrong (good or bad), if you tell then it will be clear in mind.

#SriSri: What is the need of telling anything for any person as good or bad? We should learn something or other from everyone and keep moving on. We praise only the groom on his wedding day. One who is getting married is the one who is being congratulated, isn’t it. Will you congratulate somebody else is some other person’s marriage? No. If there are five hundred people in a marriage, we congratulate only the one who is getting married and not to all the five hundred people. So, on the day of birth anniversary, only that person is being appreciated and congratulated. That is why we should learn from everyone and keep moving on. There are good qualities in everyone, no matter how bad one is, he will teach you something or the other. Hence, it is said that you should first be thankful to the wrongdoer, and then later to the good ones. Because the wrongdoer is putting himself in loss and teaching us a lesson.

Ques: How to overcome fear of death?
#SriSri: Meditation.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 1 Oct, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 2, 2015

Ques: How do we move from things happening with effort, to things happening with grace to things happening in our nature?
‪#‎SriSri‬: The language of body is effort. Whoever it is, if you want to build your body, you have to make an effort. Whoever it is, if you want to play an instrument, you have to practice. And the nature of intention is effortless. You can’t make an intention to like something, you can’t make an effort to forget something, you can’t make an effort to remember something. So the nature of mind is effortless. And the nature of Being, is grace. And all three have to be in place.

Ques: When does tapas become torture?
#SriSri: You have said it. Tapas is when you willingly do something. Suppose you want to walk 5km in the morning, that is your tapas. But if you are compelled to walk 5km, that is torture. If you go to the gym and life 10kilos of weight that is tapas. But if you are forced to lift the weight, that is torture. Torture is when mind is not willing. And is when the mind is willing and it wants to make the body strong. A weak mind cannot carry a strong body but a strong mind can carry even a weak body along.

Ques: How did the ancient predict the future so accurately?
#SriSri: Yes, yes. It’ like if you are on the sky, on the satellite , it can give the whole vision. When satellites can predict the weather, just being a little above, sages are above the clouds, they can predict many more things.

Ques: What is real and what is unreal?
#SriSri: Be with this question till it gets resolved. I’m not going to answer it. I’m only happy you have this question, what is real, what is unreal. Churn with those questions, churn and churn and churn. Then you will find cream coming out of it.

Ques: It is said that familiarity breeds contempt. But I want to get to know You better. What is this contradiction?
#SriSri: This is British saying from a long time ago, familiarity breeds contempt. I do not subscribe to this idea. If you are shallow inside, then familiarity breeds contempt, if you are not truthful, if you are artificial, then familiarity breeds contempt. But if you are genuine, familiarity will only bring more respect, more love. So this is the difference, if it’s an ignorant state of mind, without wisdom, and there is simply a lot of show off, familiarity breeds contempt. But if it is genuine wisdom and one is true to oneself then familiarity brings even more respect. Haven’t you heard from elderly couples that they have so much respect for each other? Why? Are they not familiar with each other? Because they are principled. If a person is principled, has personal ethics, familiarity brings more respect and love. If a person lacks ethics and is shallow inside, then this is true.

Ques: Beauty is appreciated even when it comes to the Gods. Is the Divine politically incorrect?
#SriSri: Beauty is Divine. But your attitude towards beauty can make it more beautiful or ugly for you. If you find something beautiful and you want to possess it, then you are in trouble. If you find something is beautiful and you respect it, you worship it, you honour it then you are in a safe place. That’s why beauty should be ascribed to Divinity. That is the best thing, otherwise beauty is considered to be ugly. Like some schools of thought, because beauty can invoke lust in you. ‘You should not look at beautiful things, you should not beautify yourself’, all this concept came because they thought beauty is lust. But the ancient people on this planet, they said, beauty is Divinity. So when you consider something as Divinity you only offer it, you surrender, you love it. Lust is wanting to have, possess. Love is wanting to offer, give.

Ques: In South America, people use herbal drink to treat addictions and also as an opening to a higher Self. Are these types of drugs ok on the spiritual path?
#SriSri: Drugs have limitd use, for specific purposes. It’s just to cure a particular ailment, for that drugs are used, yes. But not as a practice. If it is as a practice then the drugs can become addictive. Higher state of consciousness is to be independent of external stimuli. Now you are using a stimuli to induce that system, it may work for some time but then when you get addicted to it you have not achieved your goal of self reliance, of independence. So I would prefer, that you grow naturally through meditation, through pranayama and not use these drugs. Samadhi is possible through some drugs but it is not going to last long. And it might cause damage to the nervous system and that’s why induced Samadhi is not that good as compared to the one that happens naturally with practices.

Ques: You often say listen to your doctor, but many doctors are unethical. In this situation how right is it to listen to the doctor?
#SriSri: Please don’t say all doctors are like that. No, there are very good doctors. If you have any doubt on the intention of a particular doctor just move away to another doctor who cares for you, not just charges and discharges you!

Ques: A lot has been said negatively about Gandhari in the Mahabharat, but it is also said that she was an avatar of Goddess Mati, the daughter of Devi Saraswati. Can you please share a bit about her life?
#SriSri: See, I don’t want to get into Mahabharat, there’s lot about Mahabharat. Actually original Mahabharat was only 25,000 verses, now it is 1,25,000 verses! All sorts of things are interpolated into Mahabharat. So if you are interested in stories there are plenty of those verse, you read them and whatever you want to make out of it, make out of it. One thing from Mahabharat if at all you want to take ‘Gita’ is good enough, ‘Bhagawad Gita’, read that, that’s good enough. Everytime you time you read Bhagawad Gita you get a deeper understanding, go more deeper and deeper.

Ques: In the Vedas it is said that in the beginning there was light with the sound ‘Om’ and then came the knowledge which got classified into the Vedas. How did the sound of ‘Om’ give rise to this knowledge which got classified?

#SriSri: Recently there was a video released as claiming to be from NASA and they say they have released the sound from the Sun which sounds like ‘Om’. Similarly NASA has released an audio tape of Jupiter, if you carefully listen to the sound of Jupiter it sounds like ‘Om’. So when all the scriptures, not just in one religion, it’s in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikkhism, Taoism, and even in Islam & Christianity they all accept the ‘Aaouma’, ‘Om’ or ‘Aamin’, ‘Amen’ that ‘Om’ is somewhere present everywhere. So they consider that as the sound of the Universe, a primordial sound and it is true. And it is the experience of not one or two Rishis but millions of people, millions of Saints who have meditated in the past. They have all experienced that sound and you too can experience it. It resembles ‘Om’, so there is no point in doubting it because that is how it is. There is no point in not believing it.

Ques: One who is weak has self-guilt in his mind.
#SriSri: Listen, I will tell you one thing, weak person should remember one thing that ‘Nirbal ke Balram’ (God acts as the strength of weak person). If you think like ‘I am weak’ then after this make a relation / bond with God. ‘I am weak, but my strength is only God and I cannot do anything’ that’s it, then don’t fall prey to any other petty things like guilt and this & that.

Ques: Please tell us something about the upcoming historical event ‘The World Culture Festival 2016’. What can we all do?
#SriSri: World Culture Festival will happen in March, 11th, 12th 13th, everyone should participate in whatever manner you want to, there is lot we can do, everyone should do about it. Having said that today I dedicated this Vedavathi River Project which covers 5,000 sq. kms., 90 kms distance of Karnataka’s land. Three districts where Vedavathi River Rejuvenation Project is happening, so that project took off today. It was very nice. And also I inaugurated three different places we dedicated ‘pure drinking water’, really pure drinking water for villages where they had arsenic, heavy metals and polluted water, even from the bore-well the water was salty water. 1000 % salt was dissolved in the water it was not fit for drinking in those areas for the villages. And if they had to buy a bottle of water, one litre of bottle cost Rs. 20/-, now this water they will get for Rs. 5/- = 20 litres, that is 40 paisa per litre. Where is 40 paisa and where is Rs. 20/-! Such big difference and then people & villagers were so happy that now they just get for 40 paisa water worth Rs. 400/- , in one hundredth of the cost, no, two hundredth of the cost, even less than two hundredth. And water is very-very nice, pure water. We inaugurated three such plants and dedicated to the villages. And then another beautiful thing that we did today was the ‘Smart Village’. We put the foundation stone for the ‘First Smart Village’ in the country, in South Asia.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 30 Sep, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
October 1, 2015

When two people are wrestling, and the spectators are watching the match, the spectators have joy on their face, they are clapping and laughing, but the wrestlers are sweating! They are tired and angry. In the same way when a game of cricket is on, the players don’t seem to have a smile on their faces but the ones who are watching the game, watch it joyfully, clapping their hands. I was just wondering that if each person just observes his or her own mind, as a witness, being only a witness to all the events in life, as if we are the spectators and not the players, then we will experience such peace in life. All around you there are events happening, some pleasant, some unpleasant. It’s like when your team wins or when it loses, you are just a watching it like a spectator. Try it. In the same way, in your body, something keeps happening. It hurts somewhere or it feels good somewhere else, be a witness to that too. I am the spectator, not the player, I am the seer not the scenery. If we attend to this then the heat and the tiredness that is in the body, will begin to calm down. Why is there stress in the body? Desires cause the stress, which leads to tiredness. And when we become a witness then the stress disappears. Do you know what is entropy? When the heat rises in the body the distortions also rise. Entropy is proportionate to orderliness, that is what scientists say. If you observe in colder climates, the trees and plants grow in a very orderly way. In the same way, when distortions come up in the mind, the heat in the body also increases. Without heat there cannot be anger. Of course, if the body gets too cold then it is trouble! I’m not talking about that. It should not be too cold. But with distortions, the heat rises. And when the heat rises, then the orderliness with which our organs function, is disrupted. So scientists call this entropy. When entropy decreases then the orderliness returns. Now what happens when we meditate? The mind cools down. There is a word in Sanskrit, ‘Sheetalashaya’. So the mind becomes so cool when we become a witness. When we become a witness, the mind cools down and when the mind cools down, we become a witness. So if you want orderliness, then the entropy should be low. According to them zero entropy results in total orderliness. Of course zero entropy does not mean zero heat. So look at all events as a spectator. And also look at the body as a spectator. It takes some time, but when you keep observing, wherever there is heat, it starts cooling down slowly. The more you become a witness to your body, the more joy dawns in life. There is a lot of depth in this. Keep remembering this from time to time. You don’t have to get rid of anything. If desires or anger or greed or lust or jealousy rises up in you and if you try to get rid of them, then you become the player. You don’t have to get rid of it nor should you get mixed up in it. Just be a witness to it, then as and when these feelings rise up, they will start calming down. And the moment you calm down, then the tiredness in you goes away… The Goddess Lakshmi is supposed to remove the tiredness of effort. This means that the purposed of wealth is to remove your tiredness, not just of the body but also of the mind, like greed and anger etc. If you are not able to get rid of all this then what is the use of wealth? It is stupid to make the wealth the cause of these distortions. Wealth can cause the distortions to increase but at the same time, the goal of wealth is to reduce the distortions. The medicine, which is supposed to cure our illness, if not taken properly or in the right quantity, can harm us, become the cause of diseases. So keep practicing being a witness. It is not going to happen in a day or two or ten days. You have to keep practicing it again and again.

Ques: I generally smoke everyday and if I smoke after leaving the ashram & do the kriya, is there any effect. Or in other words should I quit smoking?
‪#‎SriSri‬: Absolutely, haven’t you heard that! Haven’t you read below the advertisement of cigarette ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. Right? No good, you should not smoke. Leave it, drop it. You know it’s like diving in the swimming pool. You know swimming? When you want to swim what do you do? You don’t hold on, you just dive, just jump! Like that you must take a decision ‘okay from today I am quitting it. I am not going to touch it, I am not going to look at it.’ You will find enormous strength, self-empowerment will come within you. You will be able to get rid of it permanently and your lungs feel very happy. When your lungs feel happy your blood feels very happy. And when your blood feels very happy your brain will be happier, ‘oh we are getting good food not the stale one today!’ And we have a ‘smoking pranayam’ here also. You know I have never smoked, but I wondered,I have never smoked, but I wondered what makes someone get addicted to smoking? Is it the smoke or something else? Then I thought maybe it’s the style of breathing that stimulates some sensation in the brain, it relaxes. So what you do is you just keep your fingers (on the lips) without the cigarette and breathe-in and breathe-out, you do this 5 – 10 times you will see that you get the same impact of relaxation but much better impact on your lungs!

Ques: Why am I so much worried, I cannot persist or continue anything for a longer period. Consistency is lacking, what should I do?
#SriSri: Come on! This is a past story, that’s an old story. Now, today where is the worry? Wake up and say ‘I am not going to worry come what may let it be!’ Invoke the valour inside of you! If you find it difficult just like with your thought, with aphorism, I would suggest you to do Bhastrika & Sudarshan Kriya along. After Bhastrika & Sudarshan Kriya do you feel worried? No! (Unanimous reply from crowd). You don’t look worried, your face looks very bright today! Do you feel the difference? Yes! One thing you can do, in the morning go for a walk, take a deep breath and make some very loud sound ‘HAAA.. HOOO…’ and the energy which is sleepy, dull, inactive will wake up and you will feel bubbling with enthusiasm.

Ques: What is the true essence of ‘Brahmacharya’? How important it is for a Yogi?
#SriSri: This I have to go with yum, niyam, pranayam, all that, we will take it up some other time, we will take the whole thing. You have to see that over indulgence of any senses will only create tiredness and wear & tear, both on the body and on the brain. So moderation is essential.

Ques: Why I don’t get the intensity to get enlightened? What should I do to get that intensity?
#SriSri: Okay I will answer this question next year! Let me check how intense is this desire!

Ques: Why is life so complicated? Why I can’t accept situations easily?
#SriSri: Why should it be so simple? Why should it be? It’s complicated that’s why there is fun, there is beauty, there is thrill. You know when you are tired that’s when you feel ‘Oh it’s so complicated, I want to rest, I want to move away’. But if you are youthful, you have a lot of energy, you don’t mind complications. When are you afraid of complications? When you lack energy, when you are tired then you want everything simple. That’s how it is. See, eating one banana is simple or complicated? (Crowd replies: Simple). Who says it is simple? When you eat a banana, in your mouth the starch gets mixed with saliva and then it goes into your stomach and then the acid in stomach digests that, then it gives a signal to brain to release enzymes! It’s so complicated. Then the liver juice, then the pancreas, then it goes through small intestine and big intestine then it gets absorbed in the blood. Oh Lord, this is so complicated! You are looking at Me, you think it is very simple? Actually when you look at me, anything, any object, how the rays fall on that object and how it gets into your eyes and goes upside down on your retina, you ask an Opthamologist, he will tell you how complicated it is. Is any one thing simple in your body? No. I tell you there are fifty thousand types of bacteria in your intestine, do you know that? Even if ten types of those fifty thousand types are missing you will have problem with your tummy. So all those fifty thousand types of bacteria has to be there for you to feel healthy. If another five different types of bacteria come in, the bacteria are very territorial, they will send out signals and you will have diarrhea, constipation. Similarly on your forehead there are three types of bacteria. They are very territorial, they are called mites. One type is just above your eyebrows, one in the middle and one on top of your forehead just where your hairline begins there. And in the scalp there is another different type of mites, bacteria. So these three types of mites on your forehead and they don’t cross. Do you know that? For how many of you this is new?..You know here in India they put this Vibhuti, three lines. There must be some correlation between this and that. Why only three? So three types of mites live on your forehead. And it is different for different people.

Ques: Is marriage and enlightenment mutually exclusive?
#SriSri: Well, I haven’t tested it myself! I am not qualified for answering that. But one thing you remember, there are people who are married and happy and there are people who are single and happy. You better belong to that category. And there are people who are single and unhappy and there are people who are married and very unhappy! Better you don’t get into that category. See there are people like Ramakrishna Paramhansa, he was married, Sharada Devi was his wife. And there are many such examples where couples can also attain enlightenment, which is already there. Enlightenment is not something that drops from somewhere, it is there inside of us. Raja Janaka was enlightened, he was married. Shri Rama was married, Shri Krishna was married! Of course, you can’t compare Krishna, you’ll get into trouble! In the previous birth of Krishna, when He was Kapila Muni, from childhood He was a Brahmachari. So in the next life He chose to be.. But He was already a Siddha, so it was different. Somebody asked Me the other day, if Shiva had bhang and charas and all that, why not I. I said, before Shiva had bhang and charas, He first had Halahal, he took poison. So that’s the testing point! So you take poison first, if it works, then you can go into that charas. So don’t take that as an excuse, because Shiva had bhang, He also had poison. If the poison doesn’t affect you, then the bhang will also not affect you. But you will get affected by both so you should stay away from both! In the same way, once there was a flood and Krishna challenged that if He was a Brahmachari then the river would go down, and it did!

Ques: How can technology move forward with spirituality, can both help each other?
#SriSri: Definitely! Technology and spirituality should go together, then technology can bring comfort. Otherwise technology can be used to destroy mankind. Technology can be used to create terror in the planet. Is it not happening? Technology can be abused to hurt people. If human values are missing technology can be disastrous. And it is the spirituality, the humanness, the human values, which can prevent this disaster and bring comfort to people. Technology can be used to bring comfort, it can wipe the tears of millions, it can feed millions, it can educate millions. When technology is combined with spirituality it can bring physical, mental, emotional comfort to everyone.

Ques: I have broken up with my girlfriend but her memories are haunting me like crazy. What is the solution?
#SriSri: The solution is that you forgot, there are three billion women folk on this planet. And I would guess, at least half of them are young people. And may be one-fifth of them would be the same age as your girlfriend or your age. So, there is plenty of scope! Don’t get stuck up in the past and look forward and move ahead. There are many who may be waiting for you. So go with a fresh, clean, happy mind. Not with a soggy, bogged down, burdened, sad person, that nobody would want to have anything to do with. Got it?

Ques: How to control anger? I get angry and shout and then I get angry on myself.
#SriSri: Oh my God! God only can help you. And God is ready to help you, if you are ready to help yourself. God only helps those who help themselves. So how can you help yourself? First, create a little space for imperfection in life. Don’t expect everyone to be perfect overnight. Second, meditation. Don’t leave meditation. It will take will take quite some time to get to that level where ager does not even touch you, it will not enter into you. It will keep coming in different shades, in different intensity. Instead of looking at the cause of anger, look at the effect that it is producing on your system. And then keep relaxing your own system. Attend to your own self. This world cannot be so perfect. So broaden your vision. You cannot have everyone the way you want them to be. Such things are bound to happen. And if it happens, have the courage, the patience to move on. And meditation will definitely provide you the much needed strength to get out of anger. And once in a while if it comes, don’t start blaming yourself. On the spiritual path, one thing will be very detrimental, that is to start blaming oneself. So the first step on the spiritual path is, stop blaming oneself and keep moving ahead. Ok, mistake has happened, never mind, I’m going to move ahead now. That is where the Sangha helps. What you cannot do alone, the Sangha, group, will help you to move ahead. And this Sangha has benefits and some drawbacks also. Drawback is, it can take a lot of your energy. It can be draining sometimes, you may have to compromise sometimes. These are the three things that are the drawbacks of the Sangha. The positive effect is, the Sangha helps you to move forward. It gives you the much needed support system. Whenever support is needed, it gives you a support system. And whenever your mind is topsy-turvy and your emotions are up and down, your faith is shaken, the Sangha will carry forward. Sangha will help you to move through them all. So these are some very positive impact of Sangha. One more negative of the Sangha is that, in the Sangha if someone is negative or miserable, and if instead of being a witness to them, you join hands with them, it can pull you down too. You understand Sangha? A group of people who are Sadhaks, people who have one aim, one goal. Sangha has many benefits.

Ques: Is the Guru satisfied? If the Guru is satisfied, then there is no growth and if the Guru is satisfied, then He is no Guru.
#SriSri: This is the question I posed to you and you are asking Me the same question! I am not going to answer this, this is a brain teaser for you. Sit and work for it.. ponder on it.

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