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Optimizing Energy Workshops
Optimizing energy is an exclusive workshop designed by Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa which emphasize on various techniques of instantly energizing the body, systems of natural healing, incorporating mechanical, physiological, bio-force and biochemical aspects of spine along with nerves.

Online Sri Sri Natya
The Sri Sri Natya course gives participants an experience of total joy and bliss. In an easy, light way, students learn the basic steps of Bharat Natyam, the Indian classical dance.

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Online Vedic Maths Program

Vedic Math is a Unique Ancient System, which helps to carry out tedous and cumbersome mathematical operations in a Simple Way.

Online Holistic Cooking
Online Holistic cooking program provides basic idea on what food suits your body nature, according to Ayurveda and what preparation methods can help retain and boost medicinal properties of food.