Blessing Program

Blossom as an instrument of the divine.

What is Blessing program?

Fulfilment is a beautiful quality of consciousness and allows one to bless. The Blessings Program offers an experience of abundance, contentment, and fulfilment through unique meditation processes. These qualities are natural to all of us, and the program brings them to the fore of our experience.

A blessing is always given to others, not to oneself. Being able to bless is a complete expression of a caring and sharing attitude. Being available to serve brings peace and harmony to those seeking your help… Many people have reported miraculous experiences.

Blessing Program at The Art of Living International Center

Program Content

Deep meditations

Meditation & Advance Processes

The Blessing Program is a subtle yet powerful program that includes unique processes and meditations designed to take the individual to a deep state of gratitude and fullness. Each meditation is unique and allows you to go deeper within.

Knowledge Sessions

Knowledge Sessions

Delving deep into ancient wisdom, and reliving their secrets of a good life. These short video sessions and group discussions will open up new areas of understanding in one’s life, and guide one towards better living.

Facilities and Amenities at Our Center

Facilities and Amenities

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    Other Programs

    For Beginners

    Powerful breathing techniques, deep meditations, life skill tools and practical wisdom which are easy to apply in daily life to be sustainably happy.

    For Children & Teens

    Meticulously designed programs for kids and teens to bring out the highest potential in every child of this generation.

    Advanced Programs

    Bundle of advance programs which enhances inner peace and outer dynamism by deep-diving within and experiencing the true version of self.

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