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Story of the Bangalore Ashram: 1986 to 2016

The Bangalore Ashram was not built in a day. Founded in 1986 with just a few tiny dwelling places, a small kitchen, a lovely little mantap, and a meditation hall, it used to be the perfect size to accommodate the visitors, and the volunteers back then.

Fast forward to 2016, the Ashram has grown in accordance with the hundred thousands of people visiting it every year. In fact, every year the influx of visitors to the ashram is near-doubling.

Why Must the Ashram Grow and Expand?

To accommodate these growing numbers of visitors, volunteers, and course participants, the ashram must accordingly grow and expand. After all, ashram is everyone’s home and home is the place that welcomes all.


Be A Part of Ashram’s Development

Contribute towards the construction of dwelling units in the ashram. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to note that your one-time contribution today may help many thousands of people, for many years to come?


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