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In many cultures across the world, food is equated to happiness. It’s a grace to receive food – that’s why we are encouraged to express our gratitude before every meal.


Free Meals at the Ashram Kitchen

On a regular day, more than 20, 000 free satvik meals are prepared in the ashram kitchen. From ashram’s school children to visitors, these nutritious meals are enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

Before every meal in the ashram, we normally bless the food by saying, Annadata Sukhi Bhav which translates to May the food-giver be happy.  The term Annadata or food-giver includes everyone who is responsible for putting food on your plate – this starts from the farmer who grew the food to the person who served it to you in the kitchen.


Be An Agent of Joy

You too can be a blessing in someone’s life by bringing them the joy of good food. Even though our ashram kitchen operates and functions on a mega scale, it runs completely on generous donations from people like you.


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