Dynamism for self and nation

Break through the barriers and experience the limitless possibility in you!

What is DSN Program?

We all have personal barriers, old habits, or inhibitions that hold us back and keep us from fully participating in our lives. Yet all of us have a deep desire to be the best we can be – for ourselves, our families, our communities and even the world around us.

DSN is a rigorous and transformational program that empowers individuals to break through personal inhibitions and barriers and access inner strength. Break the boundaries of the mind to discover your full potential.

DSN program at the art of living International center Bangalore

Key Elements of DSN Program

Group Discussion

Group activities & tasks

Series of group activities which give a chance to enhance problem solving abilities and actions in real life situations give an experiential learning about one's true potential.



It is a set of graceful yoga asanas that helps you prepare the body and mind for deeper experience of meditation. When practiced daily, it can lead to a calmer mind, healthier body and more peace.

Knowledge Sessions

Knowledge Sessions

Delving deep into ancient wisdom and understanding it's strong connection with the modern lifestyle will open up multi dimensional understanding about oneself and the world around us.

Focus on Strength

Focus on Strengths

The experiential learning, discussions and processes helps individuals believe in importance of their action in this society and discover an unshakeable faith in oneself to bring a change in society.

Facilities and Amenities at Our Center

Facilities and Amenities

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To participate in the DSN program, you must have done at-least 1 Happiness Program / Basic Course / YES+ program.

    DSN Program in the Art of Living International Center is a residential program.

    Other Programs

    For Beginners

    Powerful breathing techniques, deep meditations, life skill tools and practical wisdom which are easy to apply in daily life to be sustainably happy.

    For Children & Teens

    Meticulously designed programs for kids and teens to bring out the highest potential in every child of this generation.

    Advanced Programs

    Bundle of advance programs which enhances inner peace and outer dynamism by deep-diving within and experiencing the true version of self.

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