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The Ashram is a perfect blend of a green, tranquil environment with modern facilities, for corporates to hold discussions, surface creativity, expand their vision and rejuvenate themselves.


APEX is a powerful and unique development program offered to leadership, executives and wider teams. The APEX program has transformed executives and their ways of work across several large Indian business houses and MNCs worldwide.

The underlying principle of the APEX Program is that – an individual able to manage oneself is truly capable of leading and inspiring others on a sustainable basis.

The  APEX program provides participants with a unique formula that reduces stress, raises energy levels and leaves a feeling of ” serene dynamism “.

APEX touches the individual’s inner core through the Sudarshan Kriya®  – a powerful breathing technique that impacts the body, the mind and deeper levels.

The program is very experiential and participant ts take home tangible techniques to create and live in a stress free atmosphere.

Techniques taught during the Program:

  • Power Breathing Techniques – Pranayams
  • Healing Breath technique – Sudarshan Kriya©
  • Yoga Asanas – Postures and Stretches to relieve stress
  • Food, Diet and Nutrition

Modules towards development of the  Individual:

  • Achieving Personal Excellence: Levels of Existence
  • Creativity : Living in the Present Moment
  • Personal Capability: Demand -Capability- Performance Loop
  • Overcoming Challenges: You – Power – Situation
  • Risk – Taking and Innovation: Harnessing Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
  • Managing Stress: The Central Resource Factor

Modules toward development of the Team/Organization:

  • Decision – making & Effectiveness: Perception –Observation – Expression
  • ABC of High Performing Teams: Awareness – Belongingness -Commitment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication (Moving from the Head to the Heart)
  • Delegation and Empowerment: What, How and When?

The optimum group size for the program is 25 – 30 participants. The program requires approximately 14 – 16 hours spread over 2 days. The groups can be cross functional and across levels/tenures. This is followed by 3 APEX Reconnect sessions of 90 minutes each within 40 days, to reinforce the learning and help the

participants to continue with the practice.

The post program initiatives include personal consultation on food and nutrition with qualified experts with prior appointment. Depending on the levels of interest and response Team APEX will be glad to continue the APEX Reconnect sessions. For more information please visit APEX website.

I Excel I Lead

The typical challenges faced by business leaders whilst stewarding their growth are competition, conducive government policies and banking regulations, matching economies of scale, payment and credit issues and  most importantly

attracting and nurturing talented and skilled workforce. It is every businessman’s dream to have an enthused workforce who shares the passion of contributing to the company’s vision. 

These challenges cause a lot of stress that robs the business owner or

top management from living happily and enjoying the moment. We believe that all the above challenges can be easily combatted and a plan to leap frog into the future can be made whilst maintaining an unwavering smile.

The IExcel. ILead. Program provide simple tenets to living life sans all the stress. It has interactive sessions, panel discussions and health programs like yoga, pranayama and a unique breathing technique called the Sudarshan kriya. The program helps in understanding the human psyche, understanding the self and most importantly offers sutras to being an inspirational leader.

The programs have been well accepted by leaders in the industry to be very beneficial and an eye opener to understanding people, employees and business in the bigger context of appreciating life.

The “I Excel. I Lead.” programs are 16 hour workshops that can be offered in 3 / 4 days.

In the I Excel. I Lead program, participants will learn:

Tenets on Inspirational Leadership :Leadership approaches to build a culture that brings out the best in people and provides room for talent to flourish.Tips for creating an ambience of excellence.

Coping with uncertainty: Uncertainty is ever -increasing in the business environment and leaders need to  learn how to cope with uncertainty. The program will include valuable tips on how to cope with uncertainty.

Teamwork & effective communication :Tips for building ownership an

d trust. Causes for failure in team work and frameworks on how to deal with situations that aids in promoting teamwork.

Tackling attrition & absenteeism: Understanding employee burn-out and rust-out.

Fostering  Creativity and Innovation: Tips to tap into the creativity of your employees and build an innovative organization. Moving from mistakes to Innovation.

Stretching and low – impact postures to maintain good physical and mental health.

Sudarshan Kriya :A powerful breathing technique that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. For more information please visit the IExcel ILead website.

Mind Matters

The pressure to perform, balance and deliver is increasingly making it difficult for individuals to live their lives in a harmonious and peaceful way.

Rising tension, conflicts, imbalance and stress in our otherwise healthy mind–body-spirit complex are taking a severe toll on individuals, families, teams and organisations to stay true to these values.

Today stress has a far greater and devastating role than any other epidemic, calamity or economic challenge. If one learns how to manage stress one can manage any adverse situation in one’s life, family, team or organisation.

It allows us to manage the daily pressures of life-not just at work, but also at home and in our social lives.

The MIND MATTERS session provides a robust practical introduction to the significance of breath and meditation.

Session Objectives:

  • To educate the audience on the profound power of breath and its ability to raise self-awareness and bring about deep change in behaviour
  • To establish the connection between self -awareness and enhanced creativity, deep and sustained thinking and a lot of positive energy
  • To offer a practical meditation experience and its benefits in accomplishing

harmonious work-life balance

Session Content:

  • Executive Yoga
  • Levels of human existence
  • Power Breathing Techniques
  • Experiential breathing practices.
  • Practical experience of Meditation
  • Life style
  • An interactive QnA session

Excellence at Workplace

Art of Living brings “Excellence at Workplace” a program specially designed for MSME’s to reduce participants stress (both at work and personal), giving them practical knowledge & technique to unlock their potential and bring Fullness to Life.  Our program helps increase participant’s mental clarity, focus, awareness and overall happiness using tools, to deal with their day to day frustrations, stress and challenges.
Program Details:

Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace Course participants will learn:

  • Sudarshan Kriya : A powerful breathing technique that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. Skills for handling negative emotions and situations
  • Practical wisdom for improving work and relationships
  • Insight into the laws that govern the mind and emotions
  • Stretching and low – impact postures for better health, blood circulation, and body stillness

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