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The Art of Living International Center, located 21 km south of Bangalore is positioned amidst sylvan surroundings. The quiet and relaxed ambiance of the Center offers an ideal venue for hosting a wide array of events including meetings, corporate presentations, workshops, seminars, conferences and cultural programs.

Quiet and tranquil spaces at the Center surrounded by gardens and water provide an oasis of calmness away from the bustle of the city. Large, spacious rooms and halls offer an excellent aura for holding all kinds of events. These spaces have been designed with a focus on comfort and convenience. The halls are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces, flexible seating style and business aids. All halls are equipped with basic technical and presentation facilities. Additional equipments needed are available on request.

Any event, whether small or big, requires meticulous planning. A dedicated events management team takes care of the planning. This team helps analyze, plan and market the wide array of events that are held in the campus.

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Host Vedic Weddings

Marriage is one among the 16 Samskaras of the life as viewed by the Vedic tradition. The elaborate Vedic rituals and the procedures that mark the occasion of the marriage, if needed to be understood, should be preceded by the understanding of the concept of the life in the Vedic tradition.

The marriages at the ashram are solemnized in accordance with the Vedic tradition. The learned pundits (vedic priests) at the ashram chant the ancient Vedic hymns and conduct the Vedic ceremonies. They are experts in the Vedas and other sacred scriptures. The Vedic yagna (fire ceremony) invoking the Gods forms the core of a wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremonies happen in the beautiful Mahalakshmi Mantap according to ancient vedic rituals.

For booking your wedding in ashram, contact Wedding Desk at

For More information please visit our Vaidic Pujas website.

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