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New Year Special Silence Programs

This is a residential program providing optimal conditions for going deep within, quieting our mental chatter and experiencing profound rest and inner silence.
Still your mind and rejuvenate your spirit in this guided silent retreat. It helps us to withdraw our energy and attention from outer directions. We turn our thoughts and focus inwards and gain the power we need to refuel our minds.

The goal of this retreat is to help maintain a tranquil and focused state of mind during our busy daily life and to achieve equanimity and peace, especially in the face of challenging situations.

Meditation is the journey from movement to stillness, sound to silence.”– Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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Children’s Special Programs
To motivate, inspire and encourage young people  to become the best they can be.
Art of Living Children’s special programs help to develop and nurture the positive qualities in children through meditation and positive thinking.
This is the best way to introduce your children to spirituality, nurture human values, inculcate self-discipline, and develop their personality to be healthy and well-rounded,can give your life the boost of energy you have been looking for.

Children learn the basics of meditation and the half hour practice sessions are combined with discussion, creative activities,interactive processes, story-telling and games in smaller groups.

As students learn how to manage their stress in a healthy way, they exhibit greater confidence and motivation to succeed in school and make healthy choices when faced with life’s challenges.

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