Optimizing Energy

A workshop by Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa for instant immunity!

Optimzing Energy by Sri Sri meru Chikitsa

Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa is an ancient therapy based on the vedic principles and philosophy. The natural healing therapy deals with spine proper and its nerves, muscles, joints and lymphatic channels.

Optimizing energy is an exclusive workshop designed by Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa which emphasize on various techniques of instantly energizing the body, systems of natural healing, incorporating mechanical, physiological, bio-force and biochemical aspects of spine along with nerves.

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Program Content

Optimizing Energy workshop is divided into two parts which help you learn these powerful techniques of optimizing energy and natural healing in a most effective way.

  • Learn techniques to instantly optimize your energy levels.
  • Experience the 12 stages of healing.
  • Energize your immune system.
  • Explore life in terms of frequencies.
  • Somato respiratory integration 1-3 in depth.
  • Pain integration experience.
  • Embracing pain for complete release. 

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