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Art of Living is a spiritual movement and hence this ashram is made with Love. The place is beautifully created with lot of greenery. There are various places to spend time alone in solitude. A visit to such a place lets you experience timelessness; you would have been for half a day but it would feel like only an hour or so has passed.The devotees at the ashram are full of joy and always loving to serve. This can be regular visiting place on weekends.

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I have just returned after doing an advanced course here. It was amazing! Art of Living is for everyone. Please do the courses and practice…

According to Arabian Business reviews Art of Living International Center is #1 among the best Ashrams and spiritual retreats around the world

The Panchakarma Centre offers personalised wellness regimes with many options in therapeutic massages, customised diets and exercise programmes that detoxify mind and body, leading to lifestyle-transforming experiences, I am told. I am delighted to find that the Centre offered not just traditional ayurvedic treatments, but has incorporated several options from other cultures that blend well with ayurvedic principles.


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