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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 10 Dec, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
December 10, 2015

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang today
The first level of communication, which is para level, is beyond comprehension, it is that level of communication from where there is no duality. There is no two. It is knowledge. So para, pashyanti, madhyama, vaikari, four levels. Today we did our Intuition Process for blind children, the blind children were able to read and we asked how do you read, they said ‘we are reading through our mind’s eye’.. They are able to read by just touching, just be feeling it. The intuition process now what we are teaching for kids, this is what happens. The intuition gets developed, then without having to open their eyes, they can feel through the mental faculty. This could become a revolution. Our teachers asked me, can we do this with the blind children. I said, ok, do it, try, experiment it. And today they have come up saying it’s working wonderfully! This is giving a hope to go to all the blind schools and teach those kids. They don’t need to go through the Braille, we got to open up another inner faculty for them to see things. They are able to say the colours, numbers, everything!

Ques: How do we know we have reached the end of our karmas?

#‎SriSri‬: Just don’t worry about karmas. Just celebrate life! Just sitting and thinking about good karma and bad karma is no good. Just let it go. Don’t worry about it. You are free. Remember you are diamond and karma is water. Diamond can never get wet.

Ques: Failures in life are opportunities for improvemt. Can You share any such experience in your life?
#SriSri: I can’t think of some failures like that, not at all. I haven’t been in a situation where I have to lament for failure or in a situation where I feel so sorry. I’ve never said sorry for having done some mistake. It has never happened so safr. So far! I don’t think there is any chance for it happening in the future also. But everybody’s mistake is also My mistake. I take it that way. Because if we had reached this knowledge to them earlier, perhaps it would never have happened. Once I went to address the prisoners in Allahabad and some of the said, those who ere really transformed, they said ‘If we had had this knowledge earlier, then we would not have been here. They said, ‘Gurudev, you are responsible for us being here. Why didn’t you teach this knowledge earlier!’ I agreed with them. We should have taught this in schools and colleges. To prevent crime we have to do this. In that sense we are responsible.

Ques: Do natural calamities happen because all the people share the same karma or is it because staying in that place?
#SriSri: Yes, yes. There is a karma of space and time also. There is individual karma, there is family karma, there is society karma and there is karma of space and time. That’s why it’s so deep and so vast, if you go into analyze it is a big headache. You should not do that at all. Lord Krishna Himself said to Arjuna, ‘Gahan karmanoh gatiih’ unfathomable are the ways of karma, you just forget about it. Don’t go on and keep analyxing it. What good will that do? It’s not going to help you in anyway. When you move with conviction and with wisdom all those negative karmas will simply vanish. There are three types, one you do it yourself, Kaarita’ , you make someone do it and then anumodi, you just keeping quiet or accepting their karma, that also brings out karma. If you really go into it, it is really scary! Suppose a thief is stealing something or a dacoit is doing some wrong things and suppose you have fed him something you got the karma of that seva also. Suppose you have fed a beggar on the street and he does some wrong thing, that will also come to you. It is a vast area of karma and if you go on to that, it is endless. So how to be without the karma sticking on to you? That is yoga. Yoga greases you so that it doesn’t stick anywhere. When they make halwa, they put more ghee. The more ghee you pour so that the halwa does not stick to the pan. Bhakti is that ghee which does not allow your karma to stick on to the pan.

Ques: Can an atheist get liberated?
#SriSri: Absolutely, yes yes, very much. But atheist should remove the label that he is a atheist. If he is a nobody then he can get liberated. If he says I am an atheist, I don’t believe in something, it is believing in not believing something. That is Atheism. It is not hollow and empty. Atheist means, this belief is also another belief. You are believing in a belief called atheism. If you simply accept I don’t know whether there is some power, some God or not, I have no idea, he is not atheist. One who admits ignorance is not atheist. But one who says I know there is no God, he is ignorant. Because he is so sure that there is no God. That is atheist. What do atheists say, ‘ What I know is all that is, what I don’t know doesn’t exist. If something exists, I must be knowing it. Since I don’t know, whatever I don’t know does not exist. This is atheism. If that is the atheism then you will miss many things. Because you already know that nothing exists. So you will not want to know if someone exists or not. See if you are agnostic it is fine. If you say, ‘I don’t know, we will believe it only after we experience it. In fact the oriental philosophy never asks you to believe something that you don’t know. Unlike the occident. In occident they say you believe in God then one day you will get an experience. In the orient you know first of all Gyan. What is it? The five principles, earth, water, fire, air, ether. And then three principles, mind, intellect and ego. And then the ninth one the Self, there is something called the Self. If you come to know these eight then you will come to know the ninth. Once you know the Self, you know that which is beyond the Self, that is para-atma. Atma is Self, paramatma is something which is beyond the Self. Beyond ‘I’ there is something called ‘Isth’, that you know through experience. When it comes to your experience only then can you say you know it. You don’t need to believe it before that. But you can’t say that I don’t believe I exist. Do you believe that you exist? If yes then what is you, who are you? This is all about meditation. This is what the Upanishads say. They never tell you, you believe in something that you don’t know. That’s why the oriental philosophy has never been in conflict with science, ever. Because science also goes with a systematic understanding of what you know to what you don’t know. And the oriental philosophy also from the known to the unknown. And there are some unknown things, accepting the unknown and loving the unknown is what is called Shraddha. And once you have shraddha then you get It. If the Wright Brothers didn’t have faith that they could fly, they would never have attempted to do that. If birds can fly, I can also fly, let me put my effort. So this is what is Darshana(mirror) Shastra. It is made up of 6 darshanas of which Yoga is the fourth one. The first is Nyaya, the means of knowledge, whether the means of knowledge is correct or not. So I am seeing the sun setting and sun rising, is this knowledge correct? This is Nyaya Darshana. See thousands of years ago, they discovered that the earth is moving around the sun. And the earth is spherical, they call it bhugola, gola means spherical. The Universe is called khagola, the Universe is spherical. Even here in India, students study in schools and colleges that it was Galileo who found out first the Earth is spherical.. the Earth is spherical was known five thousand years ago! Have you seen in two thousand and 1500 year old temples, the varaha statue which carries a round earth. The earth is spherical was known long time ago. And all the planets are around the sun, you go to any temple they will put all the planets with the sun in the middle. So this knowledge was already there. Even now if you see the Panchang, it determines exactly what time is the sun rise, the moon rise, what time the eclipse starts, to the second. They could be a variation of just a few seconds, twenty seconds not more. It’s very, very accurate, that’s what we see in the calculations. It’s been happening for a very long time. This is possible because even philosophy we understood with a scientific temper. Now having said it, don’t think we have no superstition on the planet. We have plenty of them. So many superstitions. Ladies should not touch Shiva Linga, should not keep Shiv Ling in home, so many things, like ladies should not chant Gayatri mantra. All sorts of nonsense also we have. Where all the time gender equality has been emphasized, in practice that is not being done. And in temple people go and pour litres and litres of milk on the statue, nowhere is it said that u have to put so much milk on the statue. And it all goes into the gutter. I already told them to not do that. Pour milk but then catch it and distribute it..Keep your surroundings clean. So many types of ignorance, so many types of things which have no scriptural injunction are being practiced. They need some cleansing there. At the same time there is difference in culture and tradition. For example here in Karnataka, bride on their wedding day only where white saari. But in tamil Nadu the bride wears red saree.. these are all the customs which make the country very interesting!

Ques: How important is it to wake up early on the spiritual path?

#SriSri: Have a good sleep and whenever you wake up, you sit up and meditate. But for teachers training people here, it’s a different story! At least during the teacher training, these fifteen days you have to do your padmasadhana in a group so you will have to let the alarm ring and wake up with that! But go to bed early also.. I want our teachers to be the lighthouse of the society. Each one of you is like the honeycomb for the society. You are going to transform the lives of thousands of people, so for that you have to become strong yourself. So we will make you so strong that you will never lose your smile in any situation and all our work gets done effortlessly. We have infinite possibilities inside us. We don’t use it. We have to recognize it and we have to wake up. One who is awake can make everyone awake.

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