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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 11 Dec, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
December 11, 2015

70 Veena Maestros immersed all present in bliss, as they produced a melodiius symphony togther, in presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!

‪#‎SriSri‬: They are all gems and pride of our country. We will continue this Veena program again on 19th March, in Gurupaduka Vanam, with 2000 Veena players!

Ques: What is the purpose of culture and music and dance bringing people together? Even World Culture Festival is around music and dance and not sports or something like that?

#SriSri: Music is a part of our life. A child first starts singing and then only starts speaking. There is no one human being on the planet who does not sing. So music is harmony of consciousness, of energy. It is produced with a harmonious state and it produces a harmonious state both. And music unites people. Music has no language, it is beyond language. See today they played so many songs here. And all the four states, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, all states came together. Language is so different. But in the music there is integration, there is unity. So music units people in the heart and soul of the society, especially instruments, music really strikes that chord of harmony. And second thing is that, traditional music is being forgotten. We want to encourage young people to rejoice and relish traditional music. You will keep liking something when you keep listening to it more and more. So if you listen to classical music you will develop a taste for it. Of course, not that we don’t want to include sports, sports is also part of it. Sometime in the future we will include sports also. Main thing is from the music you have to come to silence. There is an ancient saying, “Shabda brahmani nishnatha param brahmadigachchati” – Having taken a shower of music, get into the depth of silence in your being. Experience your vastness. You are not only your body, you pervade everything, you are in everything, sound is a means to experience this.

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