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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 30 Nov, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
November 30, 2015

Ques: It is said that a desire or sankalpa is the cause of rebirth. How can I control my desires to come out of this cycle?
‪#‎SriSri‬: Broadening your vision. When the desire gets fulfilled you come to the same place where you were before the desire aroused. The desire is simply like a merry-go-round. You keep going round, it doesn’t take you any further.

Ques: You mentioned earlier that the best antidote to any wrong doing is a sense of belongingness. How can we expand our sense of belongingness to encompass everybody?
#SriSri: Wanting to do you are already on the way to doing it. Just know that you have done it. See when you say I want to go and vote for such and such a person you have already voted. Isn’t it?

Ques: It is said grace is what we get without putting in our effort and karma and as you love each one of us unconditionally can you please have your grace to give enlightenment right at this moment?
#SriSri: The desire for enlightenment when it becomes intense you will definitely have it. Its there already but it takes sometime to blossom. You should not be in a hurry to do that. Got it? If you forcefully open a bud to become flower it doesn’t do good. Similarly if I try to take a raw mango and try to ripen it, it doesn’t taste sweeter. So, what is needed is gentle nourishing and creating such an atmosphere and that’s what happens. Be well founded in knowledge and find out all those things which have being bothering, which have been an obstacle for your blossoming, they simply fall away, naturally fall away. You will see more and more you are aware, more and more you are focused and most of the time you are happy this will start coming and that is the sign of enlightenment and then whatever you think happens, whatever is going to happen you come to know, spontaneously. Making an effort to do for it that isn’t really the point.

Ques:It is said that before this creation before this creation came into existence everything was whole and complete and when one attains enlightenment everything becomes whole and complete. So when it was complete in the first place where does the knowledge diminish and what if it kept diminishing after enlightenment? Sorry for being naughty.
#SriSri: It is a valid question. Its simply forgetfulness. You have forgotten your true nature and once you remember it you do ‘oh ya this is it!’ That’s why its called ‘pratyabhigya’. Recognising that it is there and what stops from recognizing is small little desires and some desires get fulfilled and some don’t and one point comes you rise above that. Look back in your life and see how much you have risen above all those small things which you were holding on to. Being in the knowledge and just letting things blossom. That’s what is very important. And that finest balance, on one hand you can be very lazy saying ‘oh let it happen’. No, that is one extreme and another extreme is I want it right now, I want enlightenment right now.You know once a very brilliant boy from a big institute he took the Sahaj Samadhi meditation he found it wonderful ‘oh this is great’ and his desire for enlightenment became so intense,’ I want it right now’. On the third day after sahaj samdhi he went to a temple and started sitting and meditating for 8,9,10 hours till the pujari locked the door and threw him out to lock the door and when he started doing like that 3 days later, 4 days later when he had stopped eating properly, he started getting hallucination ‘I am Hanuman. I myself is hanuman.’ When he went to the temple he said,” Why are you doing pooja to the idol, I am Hanuman. Just imagine what would have happened to him. Everybody hit him. He landed in the hospital. Well of course he came out of the hospital also and he is doing fine. But that is what that is another extreme of wanting everything urgent, right now, right here. See you have planted a pomegranate tree, just small sapling you have planted and you pour too much of water and manure on it and say give me fruit now now.You cannot force a tree to give fruit immediately. It’ll take its time and then you will get many pomegranates. You have planted a tree, wait till it grows, till the season comes. Similarly, time is there for everything. ‘Kalenatmani vindati’ Lord Krishna says what? ‘Tatvayam yoga samstita’ You make your self attain perfection in your means not just asanas.Yoga is inner calm meditation. ’Kalenatmani vindati’ Time will give you. Time will bring the realization of atma. On one hand lethargy and on another hand too much effort these two things should be left. Middle path, that is the way.

Ques: If we are insignificant to this creation, then why do we have an existence in the first place?
#SriSri: Well, what’s the point of knowing this? Is there any significance in knowing this? What will you do by knowing this? (laughter) My dear, wake up! So many things you do, how many times you breathe in and out, how much food you take. Anyway you are going to die, then why are you living? Is this a question to ask? No, you are born and life is there. See your life from a bigger perspective.. then there is one aspect in you is which me, me, me, the self-centered ego, that starts loosening, it expands. Then you understand this entire creation has a purpose and the purpose of creation is expressing bliss, expressing ‘ananda’. You play cricket, what is the point of playing cricket? You play football, what is the point? Joy! It kindles bliss. That’s why this entire creation has sprung from bliss, sustained in ‘ananda’ and will dissolve in ‘ananda’. That is why it is called Leela. Leela means a play. The whole world is play. Listen Ashtavakra knowledge and Yoga Vashishta. Not once, again and again. If you keeping reading, you will get the clarity. Either you get clarity or you get more confused. Either way it is good. Because you have moved form where you are. You were stuck in some place, now at least there is some movement, left or right doesn’t matter! Movement has happened, then the flow is fine.

Ques: Can You please suggest how to have quick progress on the path?
#SriSri: Keep this desire of quick progress, keep this desire alive. I’ve already answered. It should not be too quick, but quick is good enough. It will stop you from procrastination. And be sincere in your practice, do it for a long period of time and it will always give you quick results.

Ques: Why is it that after sixty years we do the shashti aptha poorti?
#SriSri: There are names for sixty years, I don’t know why they put only sixty. But from ancient times they have names for the sixty years. Afterwards again the same names begin for the years. Like in Chinese astrology they have pig and cow, all these names are there.. Here in India they have given sixty names and the names are very good. This year it is Manmatha, meaning very attractive. Previous year was called Jaya meaning victory. Like that each year has some uplifting name.. So there is a cycle of sixty years. You cross fifty, and then ten years more, maybe you feel you are on the down hill. To uplift you that you do this to tell you, you are not going down-hill, you are up only. So children they do this ceremony for parents and then along with that you pray to all the angels, all the Gods, to have a healthy, happy, vibrant ife in the future. This is what is Shashti pooja. You say, let my spirits be high. Why is pooja done? If anything bad has happened, let all those karmas before, let me start afresh after sixty years, finishing all those karmas. Next sixty years you spend in serving the Divinity, that is the intention you put and then you say, let all the planets, angels and devas bless you with good intellect. This is what the prayer is all about.. till sixty years you have done all that you wanted to do in your life. Enjoyed, have been happy, unhappy, everything. Now rest of the life, whatever thirty, forty years I would live, let me live with spiritual energy, more vibrancy. So far I have lived for myself now let me live for the society. These are then intentions one takes.

Ques: How is coma different from sleep?
#SriSri: Well, I don’t know. I know sleep, I don’t know coma. I can’t answer everything, I only answer what I know. It may be a blessing or it may be a curse.

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