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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 7 Dec, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
December 7, 2015

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang today
Ques: When will I become like You?
‪#‎SriSri‬: You are like Me only. Purity in heart, clarity in mind and sincerity in action. Keep your heart clean, mind clear and be sincere in action.
Ques: How do I overcome my habit of comparing myself with others?
#SriSri: Well, first start comparing yourself with yourself. That’s a better comparison. See what you were before, how much you have grown now. Like that see your own life.
Ques: How can I overcome this need for attention from others?
#SriSri: You have diagnosed the problem. That you did. The cure is very simple. Just act like a fool one day. Don’t think people give you attention because you have some quality. If you behave like a crazy person one day, all of them will pay attention. One day not more. Then you will lose the reputation. Listen, this is very important. What others do to you is immaterial. Don’t fight with others over how they should behave with you. Don’t demand how they should behave with me. From your side you can behave the way you want to behave. Got it? You can’t demand attention from others. It’s the most foolish thing to do in life. That shows your weakness. When you want attention from others that somewhere makes you very weak inside. All that you need to be aware is there is someone attending to you 24×7. There is some power with you watching over you. If you have that attention on you then no tension in life. How people should behave with us, it depends on them. Why it should have anything to do with you? Someone is good to you or someone is bad to you, you cannot question. Why do you behave like that with me? Why will you ask this? It is their right. If someone abuses you, they have the right to abuse you. You cannot change people’s behavior and don’t do so. If Guru only can’t do it, how can you do it? We say people should be accepted as they are. We want to change people’s behavior like we change TV channels. Like we increase and decrease the volume on radio, we want to change people’s behavior. We cannot change it. So don’t question people why do you behave like that with me? Tell them 12:39. How you want to behave with me is your choice. From my side I will behave well with everybody. People who don’t behave well, who insult , if you can behave well with them, then you are a good person. Otherwise what is so great about smiling back to a person who smiles at you? You didn’t do anything then. If they showed their anger and still you smiled then I will praise you that you did a wonderful thing. So don’t ask why people are not behaving well with me and don’t demand that they should behave well with you, this will make you sad and it will affect your behavior. This is what happens to neighbours. They behave well with each other and then difference of opinion comes. Then they argue. Then the good behavior changes into enmity. Friends become foes for this reason. We expect them to behave according to our wishes.
Ques: You always say that sometimes our head should win and sometimes our heart should win. Where does this apply?
#SriSri: When you do business do it with your head, when you live life, when you serve do it with your heart.
Ques: When I am getting married and I am seeing a girl, what should I use (head or heart)?
#SriSri: That time you should balance both.
Ques: Divinity is there is everybody. Is this divinity working in the human form or some human beings who do divine work become the Divine Himself?
#SriSri: The devotee is not different from the divine. Devotee and the divine are One. The work that uplifts everybody is divine’s work and everybody does divine work only, some people recognize this and some don’t. God is not sitting somewhere in the sky. That of which everything is made. He who belongs to everybody, who is ever present, He is God.
Ques: I sometimes feel the whole world is my imagination. After that feeling I couldn’t move on at all. Everything is blank. I couldn’t go into my regular activities after this feeling. I feel everything is my dream and someday I’ll wake up and everything will be fine.
#SriSri: So you have already woken up. See you can’t say it’s a dream when you are in the dream. Everything’s a dream when you wake up and when you wake up you do some good work in society.. We need to balance our inner feeling of freedom and our outer expression of life. Inside you feel great freedom. This is intellectual freedom.
Today it’s good Mr. Forrest is here from Australia. He is working on freedom from modern slavery.. There are two things. Being a good servant. Service or being a good servant to the society is entirely different from slavery. In slavery, you force someone to work. A servant is a volunteer. From your heart you want to serve people. Today thousands of volunteers are in the streets of Chennai from last evening, doing service. The Art of Living volunteers cooking food and supplying it. Today I got the images of they are doing it in knee deep water in the streets, no electricity, people are in such great distress and how our volunteers are moving for hours in the water together with all food and going door to door supplying it. This is service, to be a servant of society is mandatory for every human being. In a democracy, every leader, every head of state, takes an oath in the name of being a servant of the society. All the saints say that I am here to serve the society for my Lord who is in everyone’s heart. But slavery is violence against humanity. It’s a completely different thing. And slavish mentality, we have to first get rid of that. Slavish mentality comes from a lack of confidence in oneself. I would say it is lack of spirituality, which brings up a lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem which leads you into slavery. In slavery, both those who are enslaving and those who are succumbing to it, both are responsible. So the individuals are empowered with spiritual force that empowers the individual, that I will no longer be a slave, I will stand up. The confidence, the self-esteem in oneself, that has to be brought up, that is what spirituality brings.

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