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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 6 Dec, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
December 7, 2015

Ques: You say if you run behind fun misery follows you and if you run behind knowledge fun follows you. Is it bad to have fun?
‪#‎SriSri‬: You want that only no? What do you want? Happiness.The desire for happiness is there but if you run behind happiness you will get misery and if you run behind knowledge happiness will come behind you. Don’t do it just because I am saying, you experience it yourself and see.

Ques: These days Brahmins do the job of Vaishyas and Shudra do the job of Kshatriya. Is this only the sign of Kaliyuga?
#SriSri: Caste doesn’t come by birth, it comes by work, karma. What work people do, they belong to that caste. If somebody belong to Vaishyas by birth but they teach, give knowledge, they are Brahmins. If a person is a Brahmin by birth and is doing business then he becomes a Vaishya. So caste is assigned by work, karma. The caste system is not how we are making it to be now. Until a person is studying he’s a Brahmin. When he completes his studies if he starts a business, he’s a Vaishya. If he leaves both and becomes a dancer and they you know what he has become.

Ques: In Bhagvad Gita Krishna says drop Dharma and come to me. Is Krishna beyond Dharma also?
#SriSri: See, Lord Krishna says drop Dharma, first you should have Dharma to drop it. How will you drop if you have not even got it? ‘Sarva Dharman arityajya mam ekam sharanam vraja’. He says it after 700 verses. If he had to say it in the very beginning it would have been very difficult. So, its like saying you get into the car and you get out of the car. You cannot club both and argue if I have to get out of the car why should I get into the car? You get into the car at some place and you get out of the car in some other place. Got it? If you drove and if you are still sitting in the car that is foolishness. So when Krishna was driving he said common get into the car at some place, follow the dharma and once you reached the goal He said ‘hey come. Get out of the car.’ You put soap but then you wash it away also. You can’t argue if you have to wash it, why do we have to put in the first place. Similarly, he says you cannot get rid of your sin. Don’t try that. Leave that to me. I will release you of all your sins. But you feel connected to me. You feel the oneness with me. Then I will take care of all your sins. It will all be gone in no time. So don’t worry, that’s what he says. Suppose you have a loan of 1 lakh rupees and then you are worried ‘ Oh, Rs. 1lakh, this is a loan, this is a debt on my head and suddenly someone comes and says what is there, Rs. 1 lakh? Never mind, I will give you Rs. 10 lakh, don’t worry. Then you feel connected to the person. Suddenly your father comes and says why are you worrying about Rs. 1 lakh? I have Rs. 10 lakh, its all yours. What will happen to you? In no time all that tension, worry of 1 lakh loan has gone, disappeared. Isn’t it? So you will say ‘Oh I have Rs. 10 lakh. 1lakh rupees loan I will repay and I have 9 lakh rupees more. I will do something.’ This is exactly what Lord Krishna says. Come to me, feel connected to me, you have no dearth of any sort. Don’t worry. ‘aham tvam sarva-papebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah’.. So you are relieved. That’s what He’s saying.

Ques: You have told in Yoga Vashishth that nothing really is. I can understand it intellectually but can we experience it?
#SriSri: Intellectually you understand and be with it and when know that time will give you that experience. In time you will get. Intellectually you think this is all dream, one day you wake up and feel this could be dream. All that happened till this moment you went to school, you went to college, you did that, you did this, you attended so many weddings, wake up and see this very moment- now, now, now. Is it not like a dream? It’s all gone, over. Like that all the big events of the past some people died, some are born, so many things have happened, it’s all like a dream and you fought with people is it not like a dream now? You have been in love with people is it not like a dream now? It’s all like a dream. Pleasant days, unpleasant days everything is gone. So, this awareness. See when you are in your own little world and going with your thoughts , with your imagination, with your worries, with your desires, with your ambitions, it’s a different world, you are in a bubble. You are in your own little bubble. One day you will say let me wake up and see, then what happens? For a moment you say okay the whole part is a dream, then all the bubble you have created in your mind also bursts and you say ya this all could be a dream. One day you will kick the bucket and that’s it everything finishes. It’s all a dream. Whether our ambitions are fulfilled or unfulfilled, it feels like a dream.

Ques: You say the goal of life is to see how much love you have given and knowledge you have got. But my mind keeps looking at how much love I have got and knowledge I have given!
#SriSri: Yes, this is the formula for unhappiness! How much love I have got, how much knowledge I have given.. There is no one to take the knowledge and here you are ready to share all your wisdom and give advice. But there is no one ready to listen. You live being centered in your Self, then people will automatically listen to you.. Don’t think about how much love people have given you, how much respect you have got in society, don’t run after this. It will bring you unhappiness. Because even after doing a lot for others, if they don’t love you back or respect you, it will start hurting you. Don’t do that. Just do good and forget about it. You work for your own sake and be happy. You have no right over how another person treats you. Whatever good or bad someone tells you, they have complete right over it. If you go and ask them why said those bad things, it will only worsen the situation. Don’t ask people to treat you well. It’s their choice. You cannot ask them to treat you well. Someone complained to me saying they were not treated well. They did not treat you well, that is their choice! You treat them well, that id your choice. Don’t go on questioning how others treat you. By your questioning them, they are not going to treat you any better. Remember everyone is a postman, you get what you deserve. If your time is good, even your worst enemy will treat you well. If your time is not good even the best of friends will start blaming you for nothing, they will behave like an enemy. So realizing the greatness of time, you say “kalay tatmani namah” this means..Shiva is called the grand time I bow down to that great time. So keep your mind happy. Knowing that it is game of time surrender to God. So don’t go on complaining about how someone treated you, that is upto them. Don’t let that make you unhappy. The meaning of knowledge is to be happy. To smile when someone speaks good or bad words to you. Else what is the use of knowledge. Even a fool can smile when he is being praised. If you can maintain your smile when some pulls you down or criticizes you then you have started living the knowledge, then the knowledge that u have received is useful. Don’t become a football of other people’s opinions. This is the essence of it. And this is happening. Earlier in the smallest things you used to become an explosive bomb. So then what is the use of coming into knowledge? If you listen to a little knowledge, and even a little bit enters your intellect, some stability comes in you.. You should be in such a state of mind that nobody is able to rob you of your smile. Then knowledge makes our intellect sharp, our heart soft. If you are not in knowledge then your heart becomes hard in time. You start disliking things, you lose belongingness with people, no matter what people say I start doubting them. Even if someone praises you, you feel they are taunting you. This the sign of stress. The sign is that you don’t see good in anybody or anything, you thing it is all wrong. If someone brings you flowers, you don’t see the flowers, you only see the thorns.. this is only your imagination. Nobody stands to gain anything by troubling you! Nobody has the time, they are troubled themselves! .. Believe that nobody is out to harm you, and if they are then they deserve only your compassion.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 30 Nov, 2015)
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 7 Dec, 2015)

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