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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang ( 9 Dec, 2015)

By Bangalore Ashram
December 10, 2015

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in satsang today

Ques: Intentionally or unintentionally the good and bad deeds we have already done, can we nullify them after taking birth on this planet?
‪#‎SriSri‬: One can. Om Namah Shivayah will eliminate all our bad deeds. Pranayama eliminates all negativity. Just chant Om Namah Shivayah and pray, no need to do anything else.

Ques: They say we must dream and strive to make those dreams a reality. So how far are these ambitions helpful?
#SriSri: Have big dreams and make them a reality. But after that you relax. There two ways. When people have a lot of energy we ask them to work. Those who are tired after working hard, we ask them to relax. Both are right. We say ‘pravritti’ and ‘nivritti’. When you need pravritti and when you need nivritti you should know. That is discrimination. With discrimination all work gets done properly. Without discrimination everything goes wrong.

Ques: Is there any relation of Lord Krishna to Vibhuti yoga?
#SriSri: See there are many concepts. Many ways of explaining the One thing. Krishna says, ‘I am beyond fire, air, ether but people think I am a human being but I am the consciousness. I am the manifest consciousness’. That’s what Krishna says He is. The ‘chaitanya shakti’ or the consciousness is Krishna. That’s why in Vibhuti yoga Krishna says wherever you find something beautiful know that it is Me there. Because of Me there is strength in the strong, because of Me there is intelligence in the intelligent, because of Me there is beauty in the beautiful. So I am the cause of everything. That consciousness is Krishna. Among the Rudras I am Shankara, I am Skanda, I am Karthikeya, I am everybody and among Pandavas I am Arjuna also. Krishna Tattva is in everything, in everybody. That’s why who is an intelligent person? One who sees Me in everybody and everyone in Me is really an intelligent person. I will always be available for him.

Ques: What is the meaning of ‘Asangoham’?
#SriSri: I am not this. I am not the sensation, I am not the thoughts, I am not the body. I am here as a witness, I am not there. That is what is ‘Asangoham’.

Ques: Why does the Universe exist?
#SriSri: It exists so that you can ask this question. What is it you want to do with the answer? You should ask what should I do here rather than why it exists! Why is the sky blue? Why is water flowing? Why is fire burning? These are irrelevant questions. Why do human beings have two eyes? Why two holes in one nose? That is what it is!

Ques: Whatever I do it all goes haywire. Please give me the strength to live my life in peace. Mentally I am disturbed, physically and financially also things are not going well. Please give me strength.
#sriSri: Stop feeling whatever I do goes haywire. When you put food in your mouth does it go into your ear? Its going in your mouth only, right? You spoke now, that didn’t go haywire right? You expressed your feelings. We sow a seed in the mind that whatever we do goes haywire. It is not like that. Some things you do with ambitions that’s why they go wrong. You plan too much and do then things go wrong. If you took 8 tasks in hand and even if 7 go wrong at least 1 has been successful. We should not think everything I do goes haywire. Because of ignorance, say something went wrong, learn something from it. We don’t learn. This is the problem. When things went wrong we didn’t learn. We convince ourselves that we are right. Then things keep going wrong time and again. Then there is another extreme like you. They decide everything they do is wrong. People don’t look for the reason, they keep assuming everything they are doing is going wrong. This is also not right. Follow the middle path. One should not think what I am doing is right even when things are going wrong, this is wrong or whatever I am doing is wrong only, this is also wrong. We should follow the middle path. What went wrong we should learn from it and move on and move on with this faith that God is with us and he won’t let us lose. Have this faith that no matter what there is victory. In every challenge there is a destination, there are steps to progress. You should move on with this faith. Follow the middle path. Look into yourself. Life has given us a lot. Some problems also we had to face. All that keeps happening. For every problem you faced, you always had a helping hand which uplifted you. Didn’t it happen? Tell me? Help kept coming to you. That is why you should live with gratitude.

Ques: If the body is the wick and the mind is the glow, then what is the wax?
#SriSri: Time and karma.

Ques: Can I change the cycle of my life?
#SriSri: Definitely you can change. Life is not all predestined.

Ques: How do you think I should celebrate my birthday?
#SriSri: On your birthday you should remember that before these years we were the eternal soul and now we took a body and one day we will be back to how we were before. We should celebrate. We came as a wave from the ocean and we are in the ocean only. I am the eternal soul and I belong to the Divine, meditate upon this.

Ques: How to remember the Guru all the time, not just when pain or suffering arises?
#SriSri: When you are happy then you be grateful. So then you remember God when you are happy. And when you are unhappy then you remember God because you are praying to get rid of the pain. These are the two occasions when your prayer is very authentic. When you are totally grateful or when you are suffering. So these are the times when prayer happens, other times meditation happens. Every time you don’t need to go on remembering. You are in Bangalore, you don’t need to go on remembering ‘I am in Bangalore, I am in Bangalore’. You take it for granted that you are in Bangalore and that’s it. You live your life. Otherwise you will create a split in the mind, you will get spit personality! No need to remember all the time.

Ques: I am here for the teacher training program, my family and friends are scared that after doing it I will lose my connection with them. I too am fearful of that.
#SriSri: Here your connection does not break, it becomes stronger! You tell them that you will also get them here. Yes if your company is not good then you will definitely loose the connection. If your friends drink then you will not be joining them for that. They should be scared that they will lose their drinking habit.

Ques: Should not majority of the parliamentarians be from Art of Living for a better world?
#SriSri: Everyone needs The Art of Living, inside or outside Parliament or on the streets.

Ques: When we look at people who are suffering we feel we are fortunate or feel sorry for them. Is that bad?
#SriSri: You have no control over it. Comparison or compassion arises spontaneously. You don’t have to label it good or bad, that’s how it is. It’s ok, whatever feelings comes at that moment it is ok. But don’t act simply on your feelings see it through your intellect.

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