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Ashram is a place where life grows effortlessly in every form. Along with wide range of programs that are offered, ashram is also a place to explore the beauty of this creation. Ashram bus tour includes visit to must see places in our 250+ acre campus, guided meditation sessions and a lot of take away memories

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nakshatra vanam; art of living ashram

Nakshatra Vanam

Nakshatra Vanam is one of the most noted and well-liked places at The Art of Living International Center, Bengaluru.

Based on astrological and medicinal aspects, Nakshatra Vanam has many rare plants with medicinal values. This Vanam helps astrologically while sitting and meditating under the tree based on one’s Nakshatra (Birth star).

Guru Paduka Vanam at The Art of Living International Center

Guru Paduka Vanam

The Guru Paduka Vanam is designed in the shape an open amphitheater, ariel view of this iconic place looks in the shape of a Paduka and accommodates millions of people. The architecture of Guru Paduka Vanam is based on Vedic Concepts of beautiful gardens (vanam), which provide shelter and nourishment to a seeker on his spiritual journey.

Vishalakshi Mantap; art of living ashram

Vishalakshi Mantap

Named after Poojya Gurudev’s mother, ‘Vishalakshi’. Vishalakshi mantap is the focal point of the Ashram. This beautifully crafted architectural marvel has been conceived and designed by Gurudev himself. The Mantap known for its intricate craftsmanship, stunning illumination, and elegant décor was built with the dedicated efforts of 7,000 workers and volunteers.

The glass dome that tops the building is adorned with a magnificent ‘kalash’ – 15 feet 3 inches high – the tallest in Asia. Gurudev has best described the feeling one gets when inside the Mantap as ‘coming into the lap of the Mother Goddess.’ No one has yet been able to resist falling in love with the Mantap.

Radha Kunj Garden at The Art of Living International Center

Radha Kunj Garden

The perfect setting for an evening walk, Radha Kunj is a beautiful garden that could well be one of the serene places in the ashram. With exotic flora, unending greenery, sparkling fountains, a lake, lily ponds, a waterfall and an earthy pathway, Radha Kunj is a tribute to the well known original garden in Vrindavan.

Sri Sri Gurukul at The Art of Living International Center

Sri Sri Gurukul

A visit to our Gurukul will give visitors a unique learning experience of how schools were run in ancient India and how Sri Sri Gurukul is catering to the needs of the students from all over the country to learn the Dravidian styles as well as all aspects of learning related to temple worship. Sri Sri Gurukul has already become a centre of excellence, not only in Veda, Agama and Sanskrit, but also in Jyothisham, Siddhantha, Sangeetham, Yoga, Vedic Mathematics, Shilpa Shasthra, etc.

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Gaushala at The Art of Living International Center

Sri Sri Gaushala

In an effort to preserve and protect indigenous cows, Sri Sri Gaushala has been set up at the Art of Living International Center, Bengaluru. Gaushala is an integral part of the Indian society, primarily holding importance amongst the agriculture and dairy farming community.

With the aim to revive the gaushala system as well as preserve indigenous cattle breeds, the Sri Sri Gaushala today houses hundreds of cows of 15 different exotic breeds from across India.

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art of living shiva temple

Sri Saamba Parameshwara Temple

The Samba Parameshwara temple, also popularly known as Shiva temple is built on the principles of Agama. The prime Shivalinga that has 1008 oval-shaped Lingas carved on one of the venerable places that have its own rustic charm and have been very artistically designed resembling the famous Amarnath Cave. It is said to bestow great merits to those who seek its blessings.

Murugan Mandala Vatika

The Murugan Mandala Vaatika is an art of garden system derived from ancient Vedic scriptures that, in a unique manner combines the science of sound vibrations (Naad), geometric patterns (Cymatics), plants & their unique frequencies – and becomes a medium for one to experience different dimensions of consciousness when these elements join together. This knowledge is so universal and profound, and yet so simply caters to the intellectual mind of scientists, those curious individuals wanting to explore different dimensions of life, garden enthusiasts, homemakers, and students perfectly well.

The Art of Living Ashram

Sumeru Mantap

Geographically located at the highest point in the Ashram, this open air auditorium with an upper balcony yields a breath-taking view of the Ashram grounds and the surrounding areas. The structure is supported by twelve pairs of pillars, representing the twelve signs of the zodiac around it and encircled by ornate lotus petals, the Sumeru Mantap is sheer poetry in architecture. The pillars have been so designed that the first rays of the Sun fall on the pillar with the corresponding zodiac sign carved on the ceiling above it. The Lotus shaped Sumeru Mantap is a must-see sight for all visitors to the ashram.

sri sri ayurveda hospital; art of living hospital

Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital

Located on the hill top, Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital is known to be one of the finest hospital providing naturopathy treatment with holistic approach towards health and wellness. With state of the art treatments made available at the hospital, the ambiance around makes it even better to stay back and experience the beauty of nature. 

Our visit to Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital will give an overview of the facilities and treatments available in the hospital and also some practical insights on how natural ways of life can keep us away from physical and mental ailments.

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Ariel View of The Center

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