Online Holistic Cooking Program

Learn the holistic forms of ayurveda cooking brought together to suite your body type.

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Online Holistic cooking program provides basic idea on what food suits your body nature, according to Ayurveda and what preparation methods can help retain and boost medicinal properties of food.

In this online program by The Art of Living International Center, one can learn about the most ideal ways of cooking tasty and healthy food according to ayurveda and get a deeper understanding of food, which is one of the most important source of energy. 

Key take aways from the program

  • Deeper understanding of 3 gunas of food.
  • How to prepare alkaline water.
  • Right food to increase immunity and life-force (prana).
  • State of mind and it’s secret impact on taste of food.
  • Holistic and ideal process of eating a meal.
  • Basic characteristics of 6 types of tastes.
  • Creating tasty and healthy recipes with available resources.

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