Intuition Process (Prajñā Yoga)

Spark the creative and innovative spirit in your child. Help them express themselves better than ever before!

It is the ability of the mind to perceive beyond the five senses and delve into the sixth sense which we know as Intuition.Intuition is the right thought, as well as the right action, at the right time. Having a strong and well-developed intuition helps you take good decisions and communicate better. Intuition leads to discovery and innovation. Since this is something inherent and not evident in our daily lives, the question of how to develop intuition becomes relevant and interesting.

Program Content

The Intuition Process is based on ancient yogic techniques and incorporates various exercises along with meditation. The Intuition Process helps tap into the intuitive abilities of the mind through ‘ancient methods’, simple yet ‘profound meditation’, and ‘relaxation techniques’. This ability tunes them to perceive things beyond their senses and intellect. In this program, children are introduced to:

Research on the Intuition Process


jump in average accuracy with which teen performs

Mental Well-being

increase in mental well-being scores

Peer Problems

decrease in peer problems in the population

Emotional Intelligence

decrease in emotional problems in the population

Your Child Will Learn To


Have a relaxed yet dynamic frame of mind


Think creatively and innovate


Take better decisions intuitively

thinking (1)

Develop higher intuitive abilities


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Bank & ATMs


Shuttle Service






Cyber Cafe

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everybody experiences intuition. Children have easier access to it because their mind is fresh and more open. And it is possible to develop this innate ability and make it stronger.

    The Intuition Process program evokes deep and enigmatic faculties present in a latent form in every child. To help these faculties blossom and develop, your mind needs proper nurturing and nourishment. This is the crux of the Intuition Process – teaching you how to methodically access and utilize your intuitive skills.

    It is a 2-day program introduced for children and teenagers between the age of 5 and 18 years. Children are divided into two groups to make the program relevant to their understanding:

    • Junior Group (5+ up to 8 years)
    • Senior Group (8+ up to 18 years)

    Intuition Process is based on ancient yogic techniques and incorporates various exercises along with meditation. The Intuition Process helps tap into the intuitive abilities of the mind. In this program, children are introduced to

    • Yogic techniques to help relax the mind and increase focus.
    • Guided meditation and relaxation techniques.
    • Activities such as blindfold color identification, reading, and games, which help participants to access and use intuition.
    • Home practice sequences.

    Daily home practice is required to strengthen the intuitive ability and internalize what has been taught in the program. All these activities are instruments that teach the child how to develop their intuitive skills.

    We are all born with a natural intuitive ability to perceive beyond our senses. This ability is especially visible in children. This is because their minds are still fresh, less obsessive and more in tune with nature.

    Over the years, the program has been able to:

    • Improve intuition
    • Enhance sensory abilities
    • Improve awareness and foresight
    • Increase confidence
    • Remove fear of the unknown
    • Increase creativity and intelligence

    Besides these, children in this program have been able to

    • improve their grasp on a subject because of heightened curiosity and better reasoning abilities
    • display interest in school work absent before
    • develop a problem-solving mentality
    • learn new languages fluently
    • think originally, and also, understand and appreciate ideas generated by others
    • develop a feeling of service towards others
    • feel sensitive and respectful about diversity and differences
    • interact and build rapport with others in a healthy and open manner

    Many children use the skills learned in this program to improve their academic or extra-curricular performance. They approach their activities with more focus and a sense of direction.

    The program’s benefits are there for all to see. You can watch a multitude of videos of children and parents as they share their experiences after following the teachings of the program.

    Each child is unique and will have their own level of intuitive development. The advancement or transformation depends on the child’s own efforts and daily practice. The program advises the children to devote 15-25 minutes to home practice every day. With regular practice, children and parents have reported an improvement in their intuitive abilities. It is the basis of the breakthroughs that the children have experienced.

    Watch kids do amazing things!

    One of the most ancient references to intuition lies in one of India’s oldest epics – the Mahabharata. During the great battle of Kurukshetra, the King’s advisor and charioteer, Sanjaya, relates all the events of the ongoing battle to the blind king Dhritarashtra, with his powers of intuition. His divine sight helped the King ‘see’ the events of the battlefield in real time.

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