Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive

Register for Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive Program and go deeper into the realm of yoga to understand what it means to live like a yogi!

Discover the transformative journey of Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive, a carefully crafted program dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, our program offers something enriching for everyone.

Embark on a holistic exploration of yoga, seamlessly blending essential elements such as breathwork, gentle stretches, yoga poses, meditation, relaxation techniques, and profound yogic wisdom. Through this integrative approach, we transcend mere physical exercise, delving into the realms of heightened awareness and deeper connection with ourselves.

Program Content

Sri Sri Yoga deep dive is a 10-12 hours program which teaches the wisdom and techniques of Yoga in a very joyful and thorough manner for the well-being of the body, with an equal emphasis on techniques for nurturing the mind and spirit. The program include:

yoga (1)

Development of a personal yoga practice


Wisdom on healthy lifestyle & ayurveda


Energizing Pranayams & Blissful Meditations

yoga (3)

Asanas for flexibility & posture correction


cafe (1)



Bank & ATMs


Shuttle Service






Cyber Cafe

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