Advanced Meditation Program

A Journey from Head to Heart, from Movement to Stillness, from Sound to Silence.

Build upon your experience of freedom from the Happiness Program with a profound spiritual immersion. The Art of Living’s Advance Meditation Program is a residential program that takes you deeper into your spiritual practices with advanced insights on the laws governing our mind and emotions as well as advanced breathing techniques that are easy to remember and can be practiced at home.

The hollow and empty meditations taught in the program along with other group processes bring about a deep cleansing from within leaving you feeling energetic and fresh for months on end.

Key aspects of the Advanced Meditation Program

Deep Meditation

A set of “Hollow and Empty” guided meditations created by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are the core part of the program. These meditations are geared towards drawing out the deepest layers of stress and tension from our nervous system.

Absolute Silence

Silence in the true sense is much more than not speaking. It is about giving a break to the chattering mind which gives way to renewing ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Silence during the program results in deeper rest to our mind, body and soul.

Mudras & Pranayama

Along with breathing exercises and advanced meditations, a series of simple and effective Pranayamas and Mudras - a subtle technique to balance the mind and emotions, are taught in the program which can be practiced along with other meditations.


Unite the body and mind with morning authentic forms of yoga and meditation to start a day. Explore the pillars of knowledge which open up multiple dimensions of our perceptions about various aspects of life, world around us and aspects of life beyond self.

The Art of Living International Center brings you the weekly part II program to give the much needed vacation you have been  waiting for, both for your body and more importantly for your mind. The weekly part II programs happen every week at the Art of Living International Center.

Click here for the details of the upcoming Part II Programs 

Do you return from a vacation tanned and tired and end up feeling  you need one more vacation to recoup ?

Here is the much needed vacation you have been  waiting for, both for your body and more importantly for your mind, Register now for the upcoming 5 days Advanced Meditation Program in the serene and soothing  Art of living International Center, Bengaluru.

Click here for the details of the upcoming 5 Days Advanced Meditation Program 

Focus on the most important thing in the World for you. Your well-being! Then you can contribute, help yourself and others around you in your family and friend circle.

When was the last time you gave time for your body and mind to really relax and revitalize? Give yourself 7 days- just a week out of 52 in a year to do just that.


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It’s time to shift from the outer world of noise and distraction to the  inner world of silence and peace. This is exactly what the 10 Days silence course is all about. It is an inner spring cleaning process that cleans out all hidden cobwebs and buried concerns. It refreshes you, re-invigorates you and enables you to return to your life and routines with zest and joy.

Experience superlative 10 Days vacation for your body and mind at The Art of Living International Center.


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Busy-Bee Advanced Meditation programs are specially scheduled programs for all the busy-bees who find it challenging to take leaves during the weekdays to get energized and rejuvenated doing the silence program. The Busy-Bee Advanced Meditation program starts on Friday evening and ends on Monday morning, giving the most important rest you require in the midst of busy life. Come, celebrate silence over the weekend!


Click here for the details of Upcoming Busy Bee Advanced Meditation Program 


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You must be over the age of 18 and should have completed at least One Happiness Program to be eligible to participate in the advance meditation program.

    The Art of Living International Center provides accommodation inside the campus along with food in our dining facility for all the program participants. Accommodation facility is available from dormitory to 2 sharing rooms, cost of accommodation will differ according to your preference, subjected to availability.

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