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Colours of Joy 2024

Dive into a world of joy and adventure with Colours of Joy! Our exclusive programs for children and teens offer a blend of residential retreats, adventure camps, and community volunteering.

Family Retreat

Transform your journey into an inner destination. Join our family retreats offering customized programs for every member, ensuring a holistic experience for all.

Start DateEnd DateProgram InformationProgram NameExpress InterestRegister Here
20-Jun-2423-Jun-24Know MoreSri Sri Yoga Deep Dive with Dr Richa ChopraExpress InterestRegister
22-Jun-2423-Jun-24Know MoreInternational Yoga Day Special Wellness ProgramExpress InterestRegister
26-Jun-2430-Jun-24Know MoreOnline Sanyam with Krishna ShastrijiExpress InterestRegister
3-Jul-247-Jul-24Know MoreOnline Gurupuja Phase IExpress InterestRegister
4-Jul-247-Jul-24Know MoreVTP with Rashmin PulekarjiExpress InterestRegister
12-Jul-2414-Jul-24Know MoreSahaj Samadhi Dhyan YogaExpress InterestRegister
13-Jul-2414-Jul-24Know MoreIntuition Program SeniorsExpress InterestRegister
16-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know MoreSilence RetreatExpress InterestRegister
17-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know MoreSanyam with KrishnaKumar JiExpress InterestRegister
17-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know MoreOnline Sanyam with KrishnaKumar JiExpress InterestRegister
17-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know More5 days AMP with KashijiExpress InterestRegister
18-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know MoreSri Sri Yoga Deep Dive with Ruchie Rajore JiExpress InterestRegister
18-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know More4 Days AMPExpress InterestRegister
18-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know MoreDSN wth Prasana Prabhu JiExpress InterestRegister
18-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know More4 Days Tamil AMP with Swami Sreetej jiExpress InterestRegister
18-Jul-2421-Jul-24Gurupournima Special Kannada AMPRegister
20-Jul-2421-Jul-24Know MoreIntuition Program SeniorsExpress InterestRegister
25-Jul-2428-Jul-24Know More4 Days Advanced Meditation ProgramExpress InterestRegister
1-Aug-245-Aug-24Know MoreSanyam with Krishna Shatry JiExpress InterestRegister
15-Aug-2418-Aug-24Know MoreIndependence Day Spl Advance Meditation ProgramExpress InterestRegister
15-Aug-2419-Aug-24Know MoreIndependence Day Spl SanyamExpress InterestRegister
22-Aug-2425-Aug-24Know MoreRajasthan Special 4 Days AMPExpress InterestRegister
5-Sep-248-Sep-24Know MoreSpecial 4 days AMP with Dinesh Ghodke JiExpress Interest
11-Sep-2415-Sep-24Know MoreSanyam with Kashi JiExpress InterestRegister
13-Sep-2416-Sep-24Know MoreBusy Bee AMP with Prashant Rajore JiExpress InterestRegister
24-Sep-2426-Sep-24Know MoreGuru Puja Phase II with Bhanu DidiExpress InterestRegister
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