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Ashram Address

The Art of living international Center (Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth) is situated at the Panchagiri hills Campus, on 21st KM Kanakapura Road, South of Bangalore (Bengaluru), in Karnataka State, South India.

This guide will introduce you to the Art of Living International Center and its way of life and provides detailed information about the Center. It will serve as a starting point for you to explore.

Please read through and let us know if you have any questions about any aspect of your visit.

Warm Regards

Ashram Team


Transportation Information


Transportations to Art of Living International Center:

Sumeru Travels:

For Car pooling & more info Please contact Sumeru Travel Solutions based at Ashram campus.

Link :

They  can take care of all your travel needs including airport pickup & drop.

Check In

What to Bring:

Passport with valid Indian visa / PIO / OCI card (NRI’s should carry their Indian passport) – On arrival at the Ashram you could proceed to the registration office and produce photocopy of passport and valid visa. You will also need to fill-up Form -C as per Government of India guidelines.

To minimise check-in time at the ashram,you can fill Online C-Form

Link : CForm

Items required at check-in:

  • Passport for all members in your group (including NRIs).
  • Photo copy of passport/Indian visa for all members in your group.

Ashram Facilities

Currency & Money Exchange Cash :

Only Indian rupees are accepted at the Art of Living International Center. Foreign currency exchange facility is available at Sumeru Travel Solutions or State Bank of India situated at old Ashram campus, near Gate #1.  Be sure to request some smaller denominations also (Rs. 100, Rs.50, Rs. 20 or Rs. 10) for daily expenses like bottled water or snacks. However, Program contributions can be made in USD and Euros, and Visa and Master Card.


WiFi coupon is available in Cyber Cafe.

Credit Cards:

We accept all major credit cards (like Visa & Master Card except American Express).


3 ATMs (Automated money teller machines) are available at the campus for your convenience.

Communication :

Internet Access and Telephone Facility are available in the campus at the Cyber Cafe. However, we encourage all guests to keep communication to a minimum and focus on their programs to make the most out of their stay here. WiFi is available at few public spaces within the campus. Wi-fi Coupons are also available for sale at the Cyber cafe) in ashram.

Mobile Phone services :

If you want to use Indian Sim card during your stay in India, make sure your phone is sim-lock free before your arrival at the ashram.

Medical Care :

Basic First-Aid & Medical Assistance is provided at the Emergency Clinic within the Art of Living International Center. Beyond any basic care provided by the clinic, the cost for any and all further medical care will need to be borne by the individual concerned and hence it is important to have appropriate insurance coverage. Secondary and tertiary care medical facilities are available in the city, an hour’s drive from the Art of Living International Centre.

Medical Conditions

Please communicate information on any serious medical conditions such as asthma, chronic ailments, allergies, heart conditions, physical disabilities, and history of mental conditions/disorders, well in advance.


Art of Lliving Iinternational Center advises that you get all necessary immunizations prior to your visit. Please consult your health care expert or the National Health Service in your respective country for advice on recommended immunizations for travel to South India.

Translations Services :

During satsang when Gurudev speaks in Hindi or other local languages we provide English Translation over FM Radio. In big international programs other languages will also be broadcasted on FM radio. Kindly bring your FM radio receivers & earphones, you also can use radio function on your mobile phone or Sattvastore inside the Ashram near dining hall will make available FM receiver for sale (Rs 200 per piece).

If there is a bigger group from country & need translation from English, please communicate with ashram team ahead of time. You need to bring FM transmitter also. For policies regarding translator, please write to ahead of time.

Divine Services (Ashram convenience store)

The store keeps items of Divine service is a shop with mundane, day-to-day needs which: range from toiletries to varied range of food and snacks till Indian clothing, t-shirts and shawls. Opened from 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Laundry :

Laundry can be done in the designated wash areas. Alternatively, A laundry facility is available inside the campus in the stay at a nominal cost with 2-3 days turnaround time.

Drinking Water :

Reverse osmosis water purifiers with safe drinking water are located at residential area and program venues. One litre water bottles may also be purchased at Swadishta Juice centre (near Annapurna Dining Hall and main reception), Divine Services & Vishala cafeteria.

Valuables and Safe Deposit :

Please be sure to keep your valuables, passport, and cash safely. We would encourage you to use the Locker Rooms within the campus- one near Vishala Café and the other inside Padmini building next to the lift.

Shuttle Service :

During Check in and Checkout, everyone is allowed to use the shuttle Service (vans) that can bring you to your accommodation buildings. At other times the shuttle services are only meant for senior citizens, differently abled people, or in the event a participant is unwell they could avail of the facility.

Other items for your personal use :

Less expensive footwear that is easily removable to enter in to Meditation halls, Program venues, dining hall etc (waterproof is best)

Umbrella or raincoat, Comfortable walking shoes or sandals in case of any walks/treks, Yoga mat, Comfortable clothing (Covering Shoulder to knees) for doing yogic practices, Light sweater, Water bottle, Toiletries, Alarm clock, Regular medication (if any), Mosquito repellent, Ear plugs, Ear Phones, Flash light (Many of the above are available at the ‘Divine Services’ in the campus), Plug adaptor (In India, power supply is 230V, 5Amps, 50Hz, AC), FM Radio receiver (In case, you need translation)

Accommodation :

A range of accommodation is available which is on sharing at the Art of Living International Centre, from standard non-air-conditioned rooms to twin sharing air-conditioned rooms. We have separate accommodation for men and women. Please book for your place for programs well in advance through’ The accommodation includes three wholesome vegetarian meals per day.

Items provided at your room in ashram :

Cot, Mattress, Pillow with cover, Bed sheets, blanket, electric Mosquito repellent, 1 roll of toilet paper and tissue paper. Attached bathroom.

Genaral Guidelines

Greetings:Indian culture tends towards modesty while expressing physical affection in public.

Dress Code :

Indian clothing style is modest, so please bring clothing that covers shoulders, knees and midriff at all times for both men and women. Proper attire includes: ankle length pants for both men and women (no caprice or shorts) and long shirts that cover upper arms and thighs. Please avoid tight clothes – both for your own comfort and as a sign of respect for the local culture.

Footwear :

Removing footwear before entering meditation halls, program venues & dining hall is a part of the Indian culture. For your convenience, please bring less expensive footwear that can be easily removed. Also available at Divine Services.

Food :

Three wholesome vegetarian meals are served per day (participants in residential programs are served meals as per the program schedule). The food is mainly of South Indian cuisine. Meals are taken in silence and are served in the Annapurna Dining Hall.

Please attend the meals at the given times. The ashram kitchen will not be able to cater to any special diet requests. However, non-spicy food is available. Items beyond the regular menu (i.e. bottled water, fruits, fresh juices, ashram-made snacks, and bakery items) are available at the Swadhista Juice centre (near Annapurna Dining Hall and main reception) & Vishala cafeteria and open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm every day and also in the panchakarma centre.

Bedtime :

10.30 PM is bedtime at the ashram. Please maintain silence after 10.30 PM.

Ashram is Intoxicant-free

Consumption of liquor, tobacco, cigarettes, hallucinogens, and non-vegetarian food in and around the Campus premises is strictly prohibited.

Seva (Volunteering) :

Guests to the Art of Living International Centre are encouraged to volunteer for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours daily. Volunteer activities include volunteering in the Vishalakshi Mantap, Gardening, program volunteering, dining setup/serving, vegetable cutting and much more. The seva desk / Human resources office can guide you as to where you can volunteer.

Daily Ashram Schedule :

The ashram is a sacred space that has been created for one’s spiritual growth.

The daily schedule in the ashram has been created such that every aspect of the day can be utilized as a sadhana, as a tool towards one’s growth.

Note: schedule for program participants may vary

0600 to 0800 hours – Group Spiritual practices like Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation etc.

0800 to 0900 hours – Breakfast at Annapoorna dining hall

0900 to 1000 hours – Seva (Volunteering)

1000 to 1300 hours –Part II/AOS/Blessings Program etc

1230 to 1400 hours – Lunch at Annapoorna dining hall, after lunch Seva at dining hall

1430 to 1730 hours –Part II/AOS/Blessings Program etc

1830 to 2000 hours – Satsang (Group singing, Meditation, listening to Gurudev’s talks)

2000 to 2100 hours – Dinner at dining hall

2100 to 2200 hours – Rest or Seva (volunteering) at Annapoorna dining hall

2230 hours onwards – Bedtime (Lights out)

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